2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible First Drive
January 28, 2011
by Joel Feder

The Chevrolet Camaro is an American icon. The rebirth of this icon has given enthusiasts across America hope that Detroit hasn't lost its way. Now they chopped the top off this American icon. We grabbed the keys to a black Camaro Convertible 2SS. With the wind flying through our hair, we blasted down the twisty roads next to the Mexican border.

Hopping inside the Camaro Convertible you almost want to scream, "I can see!" The bunker-like feeling is gone. Looking in your side mirrors all you see are the rear hips and blue skies. With the top up you still have the bunker feeling. Then again, it's a convertible, why are you driving with the top up?

Amazingly, with the top up the Camaro Convertible still looks good. Of course it looks better with top down, as if it was meant to be a convertible from the start. Part of the finished look can be attributed to the tonneau cover. Unlike the Mustang, you don't see the folded top behind the seats when it is down. Though one has to wonder, in five years of baking in the sun what will the tonneau cover look like? Lets hope it isn't all cracked and crusty.

Another complaint we've heard when it comes to the Camaro coupe is lack of exhaust note. This is yet again another simple thing that chopping the top off a car fixes. You can now hear the burble of the LS3 V-8 at all times. Upon deceleration you can hear every pop and crack that comes out of the rear end. The V-6 in the base Camaro is still a bit too subdued for our tastes.

The people who hate the Camaro will most likely still hate the topless version. The people who love the Camaro, well now they want to go topless.
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