EU car sales crash in April, Audi BMW & Mercedes overtake Vauxhall in the UK

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Thread: EU car sales crash in April, Audi BMW & Mercedes overtake Vauxhall in the UK

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    EU car sales crash in April, Audi BMW & Mercedes overtake Vauxhall in the UK

    Boeing 747 is getting murdered by ETOPS aircraft, 777X the way to go.

    EU in a car sales stall and go into a nosedive pull-up pull up, Europe will be getting swamped out with to many new cars sitting around unsold in the future chasing to few buyers, with no money at all being made a the small FWD end of the market apart from overpriced retro Fiat 500s & Mini's that command a premium price. Premium priced luxury brands Audi/BMW/Mercedes all overtake Vauxhall in the UK, as the luxury mass producers move down into steal Astra/Golf/Focus sales, Ford bring back a fun to drive fuel efficient RWD Cortina that will kick the luxury brand in the nuts where it hurts by putting some fun back into mass market drives, win the motorsport on TV on Saturday sell more base models in the showrooms on a Monday.

    UK Car Sales Fall -20% in April

    1. Ford 16,183 -31%
    2 Mercedes 13,345 +10%
    3 Audi 13,094 -4%
    4 BMW 11,277 +7.4%
    5 Vauxhall 10,732 -33%
    6 Volkswagen 9,954 -41%
    7 Nissan 8,041 -20%
    8 Hyundai 6,958 -3%
    9 Kia 6,291 -8%
    10 Skoda 6,011 -9%
    11 Peugeot 5,405 -21%
    12 Toyota 5,113 -23%

    Vauxhall slips from No2 to No5 in the UK brands. Mary Barra is the only GM CEO with the guts to deal with Opel Money Pit billion dollar loser problem, it looks like GM has probably just got out of Europe at the right time as the Brits don't like the idea of French Vauxhall's. PSA are looking like a gonna with Opel on board. If you suddenly start to sell 33% less Vauxhall cars with the same amount of staff on the same wage bill, the profits start to head south (Opel don't understand have the word profit built into in its design vocabulary is).

    Quality premium RWD Mercedes & BMW are the only makers with positive numbers as the premium car makers all overtake Vauxhall in April, as they close the brand gap on Ford, VW Group the biggest loser but German VW Group is still the No1 biggest seller of cars in the UK with 32,397 car sales in April.

    German April Car Sales Plunge Down -8%

    1. VW 56,506 -12.5%
    2. Mercedes 27,029 -10%
    3. Audi 26,781 -10%
    4. Ford 21,410 - 6.8%
    5. BMW 21,114 -14%
    6. Opel 19,350 -14.2%
    7. Skoda 15,181 -8.6%
    8. Renault 11,289 -4.1%
    9. Fiat 10,572 +24.5%
    10. Hyundai 8,395 -2.9%

    Fiat are the only brand with positive numbers sales up +24.5%, the new RWD Spider convertible & new Fullback pick-up truck adding new models to the line-up is lifting the sales numbers for Tony in Germany.

    German new-car registrations fell 8 percent in April as buyers turned away from diesel cars and fewer selling days hit showroom traffic.

    Most larger brands saw sales fall with the exception of Fiat, Dacia, Toyota and Seat.

    Sales of diesel-powered vehicles slipped 19 percent as politicians debate imposing bans on diesel cars being driven in certain areas or refitting older engines with better emission controls to tackle pollution.

    The diesel share of the overall market shrank to 41 percent, the KBA said, noting that share for gasoline-powered cars was flat at 55.9 percent while electric vehicles posted strong gains from low base levels.

    Stuttgart, home to premium carmakers Porsche and Mercedes-Benz, has been discussing banning diesel cars from the city center, while ministers of Germany's regional governments are calling for older cars to be fitted with better emission controls.

    France Car Sales In Sink Mode In April down -6%

    1. PSA Peugeot/Citroen 50,313 -5.3%
    2. Renault/Dacia/Lada Group 43,169 -8%
    3. VW Group 21,510 -8.5%
    4. FCA Fiat/Chrysler 7,110 +
    5. Ford 6,854 -6.4%
    6. Toyota 6,787 +0.5%
    7. BMW Group 6,548 -10.8%
    8. GM Group 6,309 -3.6%
    9. Nissan 6,013 -5.2%
    10. Hyundai/Kia Group 5,805 -0.8%

    FCA/Chrysler are the only big Group that have sales in positive numbers in France sales up, Alfa Romeo who are moving back to making RWD cars again, and have stopped making most of the FWD line-up it had before, Alfa Romeo were the biggest sales winner in France sales in April sales were up +55%.

    French new-car registrations fell 6 percent to 171,879 in April with two fewer selling days in the month, industry association CCFA said in a statement on Tuesday.

    Volkswagen Group brand Seat's was the biggest winner among major marques with volume rising 21 percent, while sales at sibling unit Skoda rose 8.7 percent. Overall, VW Group sales fell 8.5 percent, hit by an 8.4 percent drop at Audi and a 15 percent slide at the core VW brand. Porsche registrations plunged 19 percent.

    French domestic brands were hit as Renault Group sales slipped 8.3 percent, dragged down by an 9.3 percent decline at Renault brand.

    PSA Group's sales fell 5.3 percent with Peugeot sales down 2.2 percent and Citroen's volume falling 5.2 percent. Registrations of DS cars plummeted 42 percent.
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    Re: EU car sales crash in April, Audi BMW & Mercedes overtake Vauxhall in the UK

    What do you know?? Fiat Chrysler is the only brand in EU with positives!

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    Re: EU car sales crash in April, Audi BMW & Mercedes overtake Vauxhall in the UK

    Mary did the right thing.

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