Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs

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Thread: Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs

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    Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs

    The idea of plug-in hybrids is generating a lot of buzz in energy circles because of the work of a start-up Monrovia firm, Energy Control Systems Engineering. The firm bought a Prius and converted it with its own system.

    Co-owner Greg Hanssen now tools around Southern California in the bright blue plug-in Prius prototype. The car can deliver 150 to 180 mpg for up to 35 miles of low-speed, around-town driving and can average 70 to 100 mpg on longer trips at higher speeds.

    The South Coast Air Quality Management District recently gave the company $130,000 to convert four Priuses to plug-ins that will be tested in several car fleets.

    The nascent plug-in hybrid movement is also gaining traction in Congress. This month several senators introduced the topic amid a national debate over foreign oil dependency and soaring gasoline prices. Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said high-mileage plug-ins provided "extraordinary hope" to reduce the nation's insatiable appetite for oil.

    DaimlerChrysler is also working with the Electric Power Research Institute in Palo Alto to develop a prototype plug-in hybrid version of its Sprinter delivery van.

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    Re: Plugged-In Hybrid Tantalizes Car Buffs

    Like the juice that comes through the wall plug is made by magic, and doesn't have energy and pollution consequences of its own?

    People believing in magic is nice, if they want to do it on their own dime. But stop throwing tax money -- MY tax money, thank you -- at it, please.

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