Nissan NV Passenger Van

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Thread: Nissan NV Passenger Van

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    Nissan NV Passenger Van

    Family SuperStationWagon?

    Airport Shuttle?

    GMI Tour Bus? Oh wait, that'd be a 'bourbon, wouldn't it?

    Pardon oii moi if this is a rerun, just saw this a few days back. I've seen the cargo vans at the local dealer, but not these.

    Nissan is asking for trouble if they don't equip these with duallies, the LR tire on this type vehicle is prone to blowouts because of the heavy leftside loads and spotty maintenance.

    Just one of zillions of references on the topic.
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    Re: Nissan NV Passenger Van

    I think it looks decent - not gorgeous, but then none of the full size vans are beauties these days.

    I would like to see the dual rear wheels.

    On the other hand, it's got a fully boxed frame (which you would hope protects some in an impact), lots of mass (6400+ pound curb weight, hopefully all low to reduce rollovers), stability control, traction control, side curtain airbags, and a relatively long hood so that the front has more room to crumple before the driver and front passenger get pancaked. My wild guess is that it's marginally safer than the other full size vans.

    But I would be totally safe in it... just a few weeks of 10 mpg would leave me broke, and then it would only have to worry about crashes from other cars in my driveway.

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    Re: Nissan NV Passenger Van

    As a big car kind of guy I've been curious about these. Looks like they've put some thought into them.

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