I was wondering what a Bonneville would look like, interior and out, if updated in similar fashion to the Lucern. I was thinking about chopping the Lucern, but once I started I realized I did not have the time or talent to really render it the way I want to.

Here is how I envsion it being optioned out:

Standard: 3.5L @210 hp
Mid-Level: 3.6L @ 255 hp
GXP: 4.2L Northstar @300+ hp OR 303 hp LS4
The standard interior would be similar to the Lucern, but be decontented and cheapened a bit - no navi, cloth seats, and grey plastic or fake aluminum instead of the wood.
Suspension in GXP would be tuned very taut, perhaps being identicle to the new DTS.
The point would be to offer bargain performance, and letting Buick take care of bargain luxury.