Chevrolet Malibu Turbo6

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Thread: Chevrolet Malibu Turbo6

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    Chevrolet Malibu Turbo6

    No SS, no more SS badge prostituting.

    Turboed 3.6 V6 between 330-385 horses, 6 speed manual or VW-acquired DSG, AWD with a 35/65 front/rear bias. As the refreshed corvette, this one gets superb attention to detail. 2000 units to be built.

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    Re: Chevrolet Malibu Turbo6

    I would be surprised if we ever saw such a combo as its expensive and reaches quite a bit over its intended target market segment.

    The two door is interesting and from what I've read honda increases its unit sales of the accord lineup by 25% with its two door offering.

    I read this as the new 2 door altima is just being released.

    The two door Malibu is an interesting idea although the turbo V6 is a long shot.

    Quite frankly the move to 260hp in the new malibu is impressive as it is.

    Not that many individuals really would be willing to pony up the extra money for the turbo setup. I'd suggest that the upcoming Impala rwd might be better suited to power above 300 hp.

    Front wheel drive above 260hp is somewhat challenging to properly execute.

    If you notice even mazda whose very powerful Speed 3 limits power to the 260 range through computer controls in the lower gears to limit torque steer.

    Its tough to manage over that level in fwd applications and still meet consumers expectations for civiliity.

    The mazda speed six moves to 274hp but offers awd but I tend to think its been a dog in the marketplace. Could be as you suggested the need for DSG rather than the six speed manual as it is the only transmission offered in the Mazda Speed six. Hard to say.

    I do believe the RWD 430hp LS3 powered Impala and upcoming camaro might more easily fill the need for high performance chevrolet 4/5 seat products.

    Nice photoshop on the 2 door malibu concept all the same...

    With a 260hp V6 or if need be the more efficient 300hp DI V6 would probably fill the bill more economically though.

    Thanks for the photoshop and I'm just shooting the breeze with differing perspectives for conversation on your fine work.

    2008 black c6 corvette z51 m6 on black c7 z51 19/20s and 2018 Bright red alfa stelvio ti sport on 20 s with sport seats

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