It only come in convertible because it is a retractable hard top that does take up alot of space. It folds into 5 sections then drops below the seats. The base engine is a duratec 3.5 v6 engine which delivers 250hp and also the other engine is a 4.6 liter v8 engine from the Explorer pumping 295 hp and the optional engine is a new 5.0 liter engine pumping 350+HP. Features include lane assist, navigation/dvd player, xenon head lamps, leather bucket seats, has 4 yes 4 transmission types they are an Automatic, 5 speed manual, 6 speed manual and a Manumatic. The MK9 is a first to have three types of drive modes for highway driving and such you can choose front wheel drive, for those country roads you can have All Wheel Drive and for that fun romp you got the Rear Wheel Drive. 0-60 times are as follows

3.5- 7.5
4.6- 7.4
5.0- 7.0

3.5- 6.7

3.5- 6.5
4.6- 5.5
5.0- 4.9

This vehicle gives it all for you with a top speed of 185mph and it will give you all of it.

Pricing wise for the 3.5 v6 engine is about $27,000 and for the fully loaded 5.0 v8 it is about $45,000 quite a bargain compared to its competitors

Note: This was just some fun i did i would really like this in the lincoln line up.