The Precision Industries Vigilante Torque Converter increases performance by multiplying engine torque and will make a night and day difference in the way your car performs! Each 9 1/2" converter is made specifically for your application. The result will be lower 60 ft. times and up to a 5 tenth improvement in your 1/4 times (depends on the car and available traction). This is one of the best bolt-on mods that you can do to a vehicle equipped with an automatic transmission!

These 9 1/2-inch torque converters are backed by a 2-year warranty. Included in our 2-year warranty is one free stall adjustment within the first two years from date of purchase. Precision Industries offers the free stall adjustment as a bonus to the customer realizing that most enthusiast usually continue to modify their vehicle as time and money allows. Due to the unique design and versatility of the 9 1/2-inch torque converter the need to purchase an additional torque converter in the future is practically eliminated. The average gain on the 9 1/2-inch torque converter series is 2 tenths on 60 foot and up top 3/4 of a second on overall elapsed times in the 1/4 mile. The average horsepower gain is up to 40-50 horsepower to the rear wheels due to the torque multiplication and increased stall speed.

Regular retail is $699.99. We are offering a $50. discount for orders placed through Sunday, JUne 30th. That can be done online or by calling 1-877-482-9763.

Please include the following info with your Vigilante order:

Vehicle year, model, engine, gear ratio, shift RPMs, nitrous/supercharger?, trans brake and street/strip use.

Have a good day!