Gravana is offering $50 Off Our Already-Low Prices on ALL Superchips FlashPaq Programmers from July 15th through August 31, 2007!

As part of the Superchips Summer Sizzle, Gravana Tuning will offer a $50 manufacturer rebate coupon directly to any customer that purchases any Superchips Flashpaq product from Gravana Tuning.

To download the rebate claim form and for more details about the program, CLICK HERE FOR THE GRAVANA TUNING SUPERCHIPS REBATE FORM!

The Flashpaq is the world’s best-selling performance programmer and comes with many great features that Superchips’ users have come to love, including multiple performance tunes to enhance both power and drivability. These features include the ability to save stock settings, program for performance or towing applications and even independently setup the transmission for improved drivability and performance, as well as read and clear diagnostic trouble codes, raise the vehicle_speed limiter, and recalibrate the speedometer/odometer for tire_and_gear size changes.

Flashpaq programmers are fully updateable using a very simple software utility that can be downloaded to your PC from the Superchips website.

Whether you need power, better drivability, or improved_mileage Superchips can provide it.

For more information, please contact Gravana Tuning at:

Tel. - 661.259.8610
Fax - 661.259.8607
Email - [email protected]