Would like to offer a suggestion for the Tech and Complaint line forums.

It may help if The Basic rules & guidelines for the Tech Forum was updated and put at the top of all the sticky's in bold permanently, so that it would stand out to users. Update /modify the current info such that it would help them provide the most detailed information about their inquiry which would help make responses more efficient. This may help to reduce the back and fourth of trying to drag out the needed info from the original poster.

The Complaint Line is in need of such a sticky as well. I would be more inclined to provide input to both forums if users had access to bullet items listing the required information that should be provided with each new post in both the Tech and Complaint Line forums.

So many of the posts lack initial information. Those first five are in there. I think making them bullets would help the poster to easily list the info. The font in the Tech forum sticky could stand to be increased. Thanks

- year
- make
- model
- engine
- transmission
- mileage
- symptoms & frequency of occurrence
- repairs that have been done

pm sent to nsap