Good morning all,

Hope I'm in the right spot. I have a question or was wondering if anybody has replaced their 7.4 with a GM Reman? I cant afford a new one (Yes I would if I could) but money says no. My problem that I'm running into is while I have a part number my local dealership tells me that its discontinued and cant find a new number?

Let me give the specifics.
1997 Chevy 3500 CC/Dually
Gen VI 7.4 "J" vin (Stock except Flowmasters)
Blown head gasket and milk in pan.

GM Part # 19328726
Remanufactured 7.4 Liter 8-Cylinder, GM Engine

Suggested List: $3599.58

Now I know most of ya'll are going to say just do it your self but while I agree im not in a position too. I have way too many projects going and being stuck driving a Camry as a daily driver over my truck hurts in ways some might not understand. What hurts more is that I was getting ready to go through my 67 Nova's 454. Aghhhhh