My new XT6 has 1,300 miles on it, Yesterday I received an On Star proactive alert notifying me that the vehicle had battery problems and to take it to the dealer as soon as possible. My Cadillac also had a message as follows:
06/30/2020 11:04AM Engine and Transmission System
A notification has been issued on your vehicle indicating that there is an issue with the battery. The vehicle may still be driven but it may become increasingly difficult to start until the battery fails. The battery needs to be replaced.
Please see your dealer or preferred service provider Ė same day if possible
Service code SAC001 and Bulletin PI1250
Took it in this morning and the dealer didnít have a clue even with the messages. Certainly didnít make me feel confident about the vehicle or dealer. They donít know when it will be fixed. Has anyone else had battery problems with the XT6?