Don't know why this popped up in my news, it's almost three years old. Interesting, in a sad sort of way because what dope leaves home with an Undercharge? Well, this dope. Business Insider really breaks up the article in an odd manner.

We took a Tesla Model S on a road trip and learned the hard way how it's different from every other car
Matthew DeBord Jul. 19, 2016, 2:48 PM
Tesla Road Trip 2016

Oh sure, everybody is happy now. Matthew DeBord/Business Insider
Last year, I drove one of my kids to camp in a BMW i3, an extended-range electric vehicle that at the time was rumored to be a basis for the Apple Car.
The trip went great, so I decided to make our annual camp sojourn to the scenic Catskills in upstate New York a regular EV-paloooza. And what better car to serve as our futuristic chariot this year than ... the Tesla Model S?

And not just any Model S, but a P90D with Ludicrous Mode: the baddest, fastest, coolest Tesla in all the land.

The idea was to see if this four-door luxury "family car" with supercar-beating acceleration — 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, claimed — could handle a journey of decent length (about 240 miles round trip) involving two adults, three kids, and the gear of a pair of campers for two weeks.

Quite a test, eh? And with a few scheduled stops to dine, take in the sights — and recharge the battery.

Our adventure began on a pleasant Sunday in July, just like last year, and all initially went according to plan

Until it didn't.

Read on to learn all about our most excellent misadventure with the world's most famous electric car.

The Model S when fully charged has 270 miles of range, enough to comfortably make the journey up and back. But we wanted to investigate the charging options along the way, so we didn't top off before departing. Still, almost 200 miles of range! Plenty, right? My plan was to get to camp, then head over to a Tesla destination partner charging site, get enough juice to make a Supercharger station on the return route, and be home by early evening.