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remember there is Audi AND VW "below" and Lamborghini + Bentley "above" so the "gouging" is "tuned" to the product pricing stack
Porsche fits the niche between the ultra exotics and the rest. Since none of the major producers, Japanese or American have really tried to fill this space so they are left to profit by those that don’t want to pay for Ferrari, Bentley, etc. The other thing is that they generally make great cars. Reliable without the huge expense of upkeep. I’ve been waiting on Cadillac or Lexus to challenge but so far nothing. If you stay away from the extras, Porsche is still expensive but not outrageous. I’ve also owner Mercedes and BMW, Porsche make a better car, although they have quickly priced themselves out of my market on their top of the line units, namely the Turbo’s.