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General Car Lounge

When Did Your Family Go GM?
09-13-2019  08:33 AM RedVee8
10-27-2017  11:16 AM RedVee8
Not another save the manuals thread
03-29-2015  09:08 PM mikmak
Where You Can Buy Hertz Cars At Huge Discounts
Yesterday  10:05 AM Stéphane Dumas
Autoextremist: a masterclass in greed
07-08-2020  12:24 PM Stéphane Dumas
Valentine 1 and OH Highway Patrol
07-07-2020  12:11 PM Neanderthal
Worst Car Wednesday: Disasterous Buick, Oldsmobile 1970s GM Aerobacks
07-02-2020  08:13 PM EJD1984
file security & compliance fee
06-29-2020  08:04 PM goochman
Autoextremist: Nascar's problem is our problem
06-23-2020  05:02 PM Stéphane Dumas
Autoextremist: Things not worth worrying about
06-17-2020  06:28 AM Stéphane Dumas
Lordstown Fallout: Ohio May Force GM To Repay $60mil In Incentives
06-16-2020  05:26 PM Neanderthal
5W-30 vs. 0W-30....
06-16-2020  06:12 AM robsBU08
Tesla Autopilot Is Better Than You Think
06-15-2020  07:42 PM Neanderthal
What Oil Do You Use and Why?
06-15-2020  03:21 PM ChevroletTough
Lexus Stinger
06-15-2020  08:07 AM IROCNROL1
Autoextremist: For no better reason, indeed
06-14-2020  10:20 PM Stéphane Dumas
New 2020 Acadia Denali
06-14-2020  02:19 PM XP300
Autoextremist: A BMW too far...
06-10-2020  09:09 AM Stéphane Dumas
Infiniti to move forward with 'Nissan-plus' strategy for its future cars
06-09-2020  07:36 AM DequindreToo
Cars Most Likely to Need an Engine Rebuild
06-06-2020  12:47 PM Neanderthal
2018 Fusion Energi Electric Range Loss
06-06-2020  10:21 AM mbukukanyau
Alternate History-for fun
06-05-2020  03:56 PM ptk1994
2021 XT6 Production?
06-02-2020  02:24 PM robmack
Driver death rates up 20 percent in new IIHS study, and this car is the worst
06-02-2020  08:57 AM Neanderthal
Volkswagen Loses Landmark Emissions Scandal Case
06-02-2020  12:52 AM Neanderthal
Filling in the blanks of automotive history with 3D modeler Dan Palatnik
05-31-2020  04:39 PM Stéphane Dumas
Hydrogen Fleet| No brainer for US Army?
05-28-2020  09:38 PM mbukukanyau
Hertz doubled down on sedans when Americans demanded SUVs
05-27-2020  10:07 PM Neanderthal
2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Teased, But Don't Call It Just A Facelift
05-27-2020  09:25 PM Neanderthal
Auto Industry, COV19, & MI High Infection Rate
05-26-2020  05:57 AM Neanderthal
What was the worst car dealership you've ever dealt with, GM or not?
05-26-2020  01:12 AM gmlover1000
UPDATE: The Trials and Tribulations on buying your first car.
05-24-2020  09:54 PM Extreme4x4
1964 Buick Skylark and a 1959 Chevrolet in a Danish movie car chase scene.
05-24-2020  08:46 PM Stéphane Dumas