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Thread: 2014 Cadillac Resource Guide

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    Re: 2014 Cadillac Resource Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by usa1 View Post
    It's odd that compared to the ATS the CTS has and 4.7" of extra wheelbase, but only 1.3" extra rear legroom.
    CTS legroom is disappoint.

    Quote Originally Posted by Engelman View Post
    I am somewhat confused here. The CTS Coupe, and Sport Wagon, will be phased out after the 2014 MY. Yet the CTS-V will be replaced in 2015 with a V of the new CTS. I guess this will be in a Sedan version only, unless the Coupe returns in 2015/2016. I don't understand why Cadillac/GM feel that a CTS Coupe and ATS Coupe would be too much. All the other competitor's in this segment have various Coupes, and at least 1 Convertible.

    It is also discouraging that the only V-8 offered, excluding the Escalade, is a variant of the Chevrolet/Corvette engine. Even a V-6 with a TT is not competitive with others in the luxury segment with V-8's. Some of the others also offer TT V-8's.

    Cadillac really needs to step up their game. What will the engine offered in the ATS-V be. A variant of the LT1 Corvette engine would be nice. Why not a 2015 CTS-V with a variant of the C7 ZO-6. engine.

    I hope the LTS/Omega's choice(s) are only V-8's, and maybe a V-8 TT offering.
    I think the idea with the CTS coupe is that it's being replaced with another CTS coupe. Whether or not it's called a CTS coupe is probably up for debate, if it's not set in stone already. CTS and ATS coupe would be too much at this point because it's an unnecessary price overlap. See: current ATS and CTS sales for why both would suck.

    I do agree that they need an ATS convertible. ATS-V will be the LF3.

    Omega will probably be a new 3.6 base and probs the TTV6 or V8.

    Quote Originally Posted by megeebee View Post
    Well, that can't be a bad thing.

    Available in any other Cadillacs?

    I think your question should be "Escalade?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Engelman View Post
    If the ATS-V is going to be competitive with the M3, and others, it is going to need either a TT v-6 or a V-8. Especially after that thrashing it got from MT this month in the Sport Sedan competition...
    I'm hoping the 8 speed makes the ATS move a little faster and makes it move a little faster. Also hoping the new Vsport trim for it debuts a new 3.6, as well.

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    Re: 2014 Cadillac Resource Guide

    I thought the V6 sport wagon was dead for 2014 and only the V wagon was going to be built?

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    Re: 2014 Cadillac Resource Guide

    Could I suggest that trunk volume be included? Trunk size is a worthwhile specification for many buyers.

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