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Thread: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado High Country 4x4 Crew Cab: Pros And Cons

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    Re: 2019 Chevrolet Silverado High Country 4x4 Crew Cab: Pros And Cons

    Quote Originally Posted by richmond2000 View Post
    IMHO for me that sums up the "BIG ISSUE" with the GM twins
    yes they CAN MAKE a leader of the pack BUT purposely HOLD BACK making the high volume models WORSE then the COMPARABLE COMPETITION

    a 355 bhp 5.3L and the 8 speed as FAR from "best" compared to the ECOBOOSTs OR the 5.7HEMI ZF8 and gets WORSE once you look to the "high VALUE" lines with the "OLD" AFM 5.3 and 6 speed whereas RAM + FORD offer the bigger engines as a cost plus options AND they come with the "premium" transmissions

    I want to see a 3 way comparo once the 3.0 Diesels are available across the board as they are "matched" quite close and all come with the "best" transmission offered and on similar MID trim trucks
    so should be as close as possible to being MATCHED
    Good Points.

    Why is it that both the base to mid Ford and RAM Trims have better seats, offer Fog Lights and more choices of Gear Ratios??? The Custom trim is not much of a step up from the W/T yet Chevy wastes (2) trim levels on it and the LT Trim is a joke compared to what it was.

    As you point out, de-contenting the high volume models WILL HURT sales, so it is no surprise that Ford and RAM are selling better, and those "New to Brand" buyers are likely to "move up" on their next purchase, so GM is losing current customers of lower priced trucks today and will lose a high percentage of those same customers of high priced trucks in the future.

    You are correct about the transmissions, there is no reason for the 5.3L not to have the 10 Speed and the base transmission has to be upgraded to the 8-speed.

    Quote Originally Posted by ryannel2003 View Post
    GM killing the 5.3 would be a huge mistake IMO. I personally don't like the EcoBoost motors as they don't get near the claimed miles per gallon and I've seen more than a few with turbo issues and leaking coolant as they near 100k miles (not that GM trucks don't suffer their own issues). They should just give the 5.3 the 10 speed transmission like the 6.2 does and also offer the latter with lower end trim levels. That would quell a lot of complaints.

    Still can't easily fix that interior though. The bad thing is how much lower quality it is versus the K2 truck which had a bland interior design but the materials were top notch (easily best in the segment). I don't know if GM didn't anticipate RAM leapfrogging the competition on the interior or just didn't care. Quite frankly knowing how they operate I feel it's the latter.
    Agree, the 5.3L is a very good engine with proven reliability that delivers enough power for most buyers along with the highest real world V8 MPG numbers, even with (2) fewer gears (vs. Ford).

    Totally agree that the 5.3L must be offered with the 10 speed and the 6.2L should be offered on all GMC trims and be offered on at least the LT trim level for Chevrolet.

    No reason the 4.3L and 5.3L on WT trims should not have the 8-speed, the Express/Savana have had the 4.3L with 8-speed for 2 years and they are "Commercial Fleet" vehicles so it should be the same on Silverado/Sierra.

    Gearing is another problem area, the Trail Boss and AT4 have to offer 3.73 gears and it should be available on all Off Road packages like the Z71, this is an easy fix.

    Another easy fix is replace the low feature/low comfort seats with seats from higher trim levels, at least that would make lower end (high sales volume) trims more attractive to buyers. GM can have a competitive interior at the low to mid level trims at least by changing where features/seating are offered. The top end trims just have to get new interiors ASAP.

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