Toyota to engineer next-generation Corvette, to be assembled by GM workers at NUMMI

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Thread: Toyota to engineer next-generation Corvette, to be assembled by GM workers at NUMMI

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    Toyota to engineer next-generation Corvette, to be assembled by GM workers at NUMMI

    Toyota to engineer next-generation Corvette, to be
    assembled by GM workers at NUMMI

    The Nippon Daily Automotive
    By Fuzaketa Yatsu

    TOKYO - Word that the next generation Corvette will be
    designed and engineered by Toyota has created quite a
    buzz in America, the proud country of burgers and
    pizza, unilateralist foreign policy and trailer parks.

    Engineered to deliver what most Americans crave - the
    comfort and familiarity of the Chevrolet Corvette
    badge, with the engineering and reliability of a
    Toyota, the new Chevrolet Corvette is sure to hit on
    all six cylinders and attract a wide base of customers
    when it goes on sale at the end of this decade. GM is
    reportedly discontinuing engineering on the venerable
    Small Block engine design, and giving in to the
    public's desire for anything Japanese with dual
    overhead cams and a four letter acronym like VVT-i.

    "New Corvette is unique package that will provide
    maximum sportiness of the Corvette name, with the warm
    feelings of Toyota," said chief of engineering Hidoiyo

    For Ben Arnold, Corvette's marketing director, the
    car's unique character begins with its melding of the
    best of Asian and American traits, with an emphasis on
    the Asian. "Riding in the test mules of this new
    Corvette is unlike anything I've experienced before.
    It's like eating sushi with steak sauce...or peanut
    butter. If you can hold back the gag reflex, its
    really quite satisfying when it settles in your

    "When we considered what car buyers might want in the
    future, given our shrinking market share, it became
    obvious to us that what they really wanted was a
    Toyota," Ben said. "Virtually all car buyers would
    like to own a Toyota, but most sports car enthusiasts
    would rather have a Corvette badge on it. So, in
    designing the new Corvette, we tried to go as Japanese
    as we possibly could, while leaving some room on the
    car for a Corvette emblem or two. The latest Viper's
    sheet metal was designed by a Japanese man who used to
    work for Toyota, and we've taken that one step

    "Of course, the Corvette will be a Chevy at heart -
    and all new from the ground up. The Corvette will be
    the first North American application of Toyota's next
    generation Supra architecture, and will employ a
    Toyota-engineered 2.9-liter twin turbocharged engine
    with hybrid assist making 500 horsepower and 120
    torque at 8900 RPM. It will also get 67 miles per
    gallon, and is one of the first Big 3 vehicles to be
    officially approved by Hollywood Environmentalists
    like Leonardo DiCaprio. He pre-ordered 3 for himself
    and for his immediate family once he heard Toyota was

    Rick Wagoner expressed delight during a press
    conference after watching the new Corvette perform at
    the 12,000-acre proving grounds Toyota operates in
    Arizona. "After the success of so equally splitting
    engineering efforts on the Pontiac Vibe and Toyota
    Matrix and Voltz, I knew that the Corvette and Supra
    would be the perfect platform for our next project at
    NUMMI. Toyota needs an outlet for their workaholic
    engineers, and we had to outsource engineering talent
    after our latest white-collar job cuts, so it only
    made sense for both parties to do this."

    The all-new 2010 Chevrolet Corvette will be
    manufactured at GM's Fremont, California., assembly
    plant. Start of production is targeted for the fourth
    quarter of 2009.
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