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Thread: GM Talks Electric Pickups, Again

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    Re: GM Talks Electric Pickups, Again

    Some great points from both sides of the argument, probably think hybrid trucks with 60 EV range is where we should be for the next two decades at least, this is what GM should be thinking about right now, and maybe a combination of EV's, hydrogen & NG in the future beyond that.

    Legislators maybe are just trying to preserve extend the energy fossil fuels we have now for future generations to come manufacturers need to make a profit too! Only alternative would be to keep things as are they don't set fines set environmental standard to high let nature take it's course let consume all the oil till its gone much more quickly let the EV demand sort its self out when $20 a gallon kills off full sized pick-up sales GM & Ford risk going out of business as not every will instantly be able to afford an EV pick-up makers will be forced to up thier prices profit margins or go bust of course sales will plummet. Nothing wrong with offering an EV pick-up now but sell it with a 50% profit margin you might not get many buyers to start with but as time progress they will take off.

    Mark me down me down as wanting hybrid pick-up with less batteries with 60 mile range, l doubt if would use any gasoline for 95% of time.

    Current legislation coming does seem a bit to harsh if everybody brought a new EV today the electric grid would not be able to cope the demand in electric power of course we would all be sitting in the dark, of course car companies could not survive on wafer thin EV profit margins but whether we like it or not EV will be coming in the future as the peak oil curve nose dives
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