We installed the Borla (140280) Catback Exhaust system on my buddies 2010 SS Camaro and documented the install, complete with a sound comparison to the stock system(at the end of the video). Thought you guys might like to see the installation along with hear the sound. I must say that I was a little concerned that the aggressive system would be too loud, but heck no...it was actually perfect. After hearing hearing the Borla Aggressive Camaro Exhaust I think the Borla Camaro Touring system might not be different enough from stock to make a difference.

The difference with the aggressive system was unbelievable and worth every penny....I do not understand why GM does not make the Camaro as OEM with this system? The stock exhaust is just too damn docile (in my opinion).

Anyway, the video is located below.....I also have 10 systems in stock and tried to price them as competitive as possible (just in case anyone is in need of an early Christmas present )

Borla 2010 Camaro Exhaust System

We have a ton of other Camaro Exhaust Systems if the Borla does not float your boat (although if you hear it in person you will be a believer )


Jim :cheers: