Fender Flares are one of the most popular and useful aftermarket accessories for modern trucks, providing the vehicle body with protection from dirt and debris kicked up from the tires, while also giving it a new style.

That's why we've decided to dedicate our next product video review to Lund Elite Series Fender Flares. For our lifted 2018 Chevy Silverado, we picked the widest RX-Rivet Style flares to get some clearance for our 37" wheels (smaller fender flares are available too). Even though they have exposed rivets, the installation does not require drilling! The flares are installed with a help of clamps using the factory cut-outs.


- Made of tough and durable Tri-Flex™ ABS thermoplastic -
- Extra wide design for larger tire and wheel packages -
- Decorative 100% stainless steel hardware–rust-free -
- UV-resistant to protect against fading -
- Designed to fit each vehicle make and model -
- Gives your truck or SUV improved protection against rocks and debris -
- Available in a black smooth or black textured finish (paintable) -
- Easy no-drill installation utilizing factory attachment locations.

Lund® - Elite Series RX-Rivet Style Fender Flares

Take your Chevy Silverado anywhere and do anything your truck is capable of with a set of Lund Fender Flares on!