Even for those who have purchased tires before, replacing worn-out tires, sometimes becomes a challenge. Sticking with a factory recommended size is a safe way to go, as they were picked for your Chevy Silverado to ensure safe driving in all weather conditions.

Bigger tire sizes may interfere with the suspension or wheel arches and require modifications or lifting. If the standard tires suit your driving needs and preferences, choose the new set of tires in the same size.

To help you out, we prepared a list of the most popular factory-replacement tire sizes for Chevy Silverado.
255 70r17 - https://www.carid.com/tires/255-70-r17/
265 70r17 - https://www.carid.com/tires/265-70-r17/
265 65r18 - https://www.carid.com/tires/265-65-r18/
275 55r20 tires - https://www.carid.com/tires/275-55-r20/
285 45r22 - https://www.carid.com/tires/285-45-r22/

If you don't see the tire size that you run on your truck, view the full list of tires available for Chevy Silverado truck here https://www.carid.com/2017-chevy-silverado-1500-tires/


Using our visual wheel & tire calculator you can also check other parameters of your tires, such as the sidewall height, width, etc., or view alternative options.

So what tires will you choose for the next purchase: factory recommended size or upsize?