If you want to personalize the look of your brand new Chevy Camaro, trunk spoiler is one of the first things to start with. Guys at RKSport know the best how to meet your needs when it comes to the look of your Camaro and their new Rear Lip Spoilers proves it. Carbon fiber material makes it extremely light and great looking. It also improves the air dynamics and makes the car more stable at the high speeds. It is designed to make a pleasant change in the overall appearance of your exterior in an easy way.

Main features:

- Made of hand laid carbon fiber that features flexibility and premium durability, or hand laid fiberglass, which is both lightweight and extremely strong material
- Available for 2016-2017 models
- Custom designed for each application
- Comes with the detailed instructions and the mounting hardware
- Backed by a solid warranty.

RKSport® - Rear Lip Spoiler

Provide your Camaro with the look you've always wanted!