Minor details and accents really matter, when it comes to customization of your Chevy Camaro. One of the upgrades that will help you to noticeably enhance the looks of your ride is our new lightweight, fiberglass Racer Style body kit by Duraflex. Don't be misguided by the name, it won't help you to squeeze some more power out of you Camaro, yet will definitely change its appearance.

Duraflex® 113626 - Racer Style Fiberglass Body Kit (Unpainted) at CARiD

Racer Style Body Kit includes everything from Front Bumper Lip Spoiler and Side Skirts to Rear Bumper Lip, to help you to make your Chevy Camaro look really good, from every angle.

Please note that professional installation is highly recommended.

Of course, changing the looks of your Chevy Camaro won't bring actual benefits, like better performance or extra fuel efficiency on a table, but you will get a lot of admiring glances and thumbs ups from other Camaro guys and enthusiasts.

Make your car stay one step ahead of a pack with Duraflex, browse the full range of body kits available for your Camaro at CARiD: https://www.carid.com/duraflex/