Are you looking to replace your factory rotors? Restore your Chevy Camaro's braking power and add a custom touch to it with a set of brake rotors from Chrome Brakes! This manufacturer offers premium-quality drilled and slotted brake rotors, available in a wide range of colors.

Being produced from the highest quality G3000 grade of "gray" iron with graphite microstructure, they provide the superior level of cooling needed for high-performance street driving and drifting. Sized to match OEM dimensions, Chrome Brake rotors come brand-new ready for installation with no cutting or turning required.

Chrome Brakes® - Drilled and Slotted Brake Rotors


  • Sized to match OEM dimensions while providing superior braking performance and better looks
  • Produced from the highest quality G3000 grade of "gray" iron with graphite microstructure
  • Rotors have high thermal conductivity and are extremely resistant to temperature buildup
  • Lower operating temperatures reduce rotor warp, fluid boiling, and hot spotting
  • Rotors are slotted and drilled for better venting of heat, water, brake dust, and gasses
  • Rotors are machined to a fine, consistent weight balance to provide the smoothest brake applications
  • Pyrolytic Chromium Carbide (PCC) color coatings provide a higher level of resistance to corrosion and temperature buildup on non-contact areas than zinc or paints
  • 1 year / 36,000 mile manufacturer warranty is effective until rotors reach minimum thickness due to normal wear

View the full list of Chrome Brakes Pads & Rotors at CARiD:

If you want superior brake pads and rotors for high-performance driving that exceed OEM quality standards, Chrome Brakes will be your best bet!