If you don't want to waste your time trying to get rid of scratches on the outer side your stock headlights, make sure to properly protect headlight covers. Our set of thermo molded transparent and GTS light covers will securely shield your OE lenses from most kinds of impacts caused by flying around road debris and elements. Carbon fiber tinted and black light covers will add an aggressive touch to your Camaro's front fascia and provide your headlights with additional protection.

GTS® - Headlight Covers at CARiD

* 2 Pieces;

A set of tough and durable blacked out tail light covers is available as well. To achieve a complete look of your Camaro, don't forget to put it in your cart.

* See prices and other necessary details at CARiD.

GTS® - Blackouts™ Tail Light Covers at CARiD

* 2 Pieces;

Change the look of your Camaro with GTS Light Covers.