Anderson Composites company specializes in various high-quality styling components for the late-model Camaros to help you set yours apart from all the rest and give its front end appearance a really one of a kind look. It is an easy to install replacement bumper grille of the finest quality, made with the utmost attention to details from the top-grade carbon fiber only. It can be mounted to the OE bumper directly using the OE hardware. Please remember to remove your bumper prior to the install.

More important details on this grille as well as prices can be found at

Anderson Composites® AC-FG17CHCAMZL - 1-Pc Bumper Grille at

Price: $683.10;
Installation type: replacement;
Honeycomb grille on backside can be removed;
Requires modifications if installed injunction with OE plastic front spoiler;
Mounting tabs may require modifications for correct fitment; minor adjustments may be necessary as part of the normal installation process;

Spice up the appearance of your Camaro with innovative Anderson Composites 1-Pc Bumper Grille at

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