We have instituted a new feature on GMI that allows the staff to ban specific users from specific threads. This is to help keep valid threads from being ruined by a few immature users. It also allows us to remove trouble makers from threads without going as far as actually banning them. You can be banned from a thread if a staff member determines that your posts are off-topic or break the rules. Furthermore, if you are trolling in a thread, arguing with someone, or otherwise posting something the staff feels is inappropriate for the thread (this goes beyond the defined rules and rests on the judgment of the staff), you may also be banned from a thread. This part of the new system is necessary because members in the past have tried to use loopholes in the written rules to justify actions that were obviously inappropriate.

If you are banned from a thread and receive no notification from a moderator explaining why, you may PM one asking why. Please note it may take time for a reply as the staff is pretty busy moderating the thousands of posts a day the site gets.

If you are banned from a thread and try to find a way around the banning system, or start another thread discussing the same topic, you will be permanently banned..no questions asked, and no explanation. In all honestly, we hope to never have to use this system, but we also feel it is necessary to ensure all users get the best site experience possible.

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