You might not have noticed yet, or maybe you have, but GMI is raising money to get a new server.

In order to accomplish this, GMI is adding Google and Intellitext advertising.
GMI encourages it's users to click on the new ad links. Money raised helps to make GMI better.

We're sorry if you find the ads intrusive or annoying. That is obviously not our goal.

If the ads are unacceptable to you, we will soon be offering a premium membership. There will be an annual fee. When subscribing to the premium membership, you will have NO advertising (other than the banners at the top of the page).

With or without membership, all of the access and all of the content will remain the same. You do not HAVE to subscribe. It is optional.

When details are available for paid subscription services, an announcement will be made pointing to a secure site for payment processing, etc...

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the site, please contact me (Rex Raider) or NSAP via e-mail or private messages.

Thank you. The team at GMI appreciates your support.