I just want to remind everyone that first and foremost GMI is a GM enthusiast website. That being the case, if you feel the need to adamantly post pro-import arguments and such in every thread possible you will quickly anger many people and cause flamewars. The community here at GMI is pretty smart I would like to think, and we know that GM has many problems. However that majority of us are also enthusiasts and take the opinion that GM's brightest days are still to be seen.

Adult discussion is always welcome, however the import vs. domestic flame wars in news threads as of late are not. If Toyota has a recall, odds are people who like GM are going to point and laugh. That is is life, get over it. I am pretty sure if the roles were reversed there would be threads on some Toyota site about how crappy GM cars are.

In short, Import vs. Domestic flame wars will not be tolerated in the news and main discussion forums of the site. We have competition forums for discussion of the competition, and I would be happy to expend them if there are import fans out there who really feel GMInsidenews is the place to discuss them.

The moderators will now be banning any users from threads who are posting with the intention of creating flame wars. They can do this at their discretion, and their actions are final. This is not open for discussion.

Thanks to all the membership for continuing to make GMI the largest GM new site on the net!