GMI Partners With Autoline Detroit Over New "Open Line" Feature
Participate in Autoline's new Open Line show tonight from GMI.
June 7, 2010
By: Mark Bono

Tonight is another new episode of the new interactive show called "Open Line" and GMInsidenews has teamed up with Autoline to bring Open Line to GMI.

Open Line is a new show powered by Autoline Detroit that is all listener/reader driven. Every Monday night Open Line will begin and readers can call in, Skype in or chat on the webpage to participate in the show. Topics will be moderated, however the flow of the conversation is largely up to the audience that is participating.

The goal of this show? To allow car enthusiasts to discuss the industry--in any capacity--amongst each other. The beauty of this show is that you never have to leave GMI to in or chat from here.

Feel free to try it out tonight--see below.

Live Video streaming by Ustream

This is "Open Line", our weekly chat session where you make the rules! Join us every Monday at 8PM ET / 5PM PT and call the Phone number and PIN displayed on the screen. You can Skype in too! Just follow the instructions below the chat box.

When calling in, please be sure to mute your computer audio so we don't get an echo.

This Week's Info:
Phone - 1-218-936-6581
PIN - 25049

This chat is unmoderated. Please keep it clean so it can stay that way!
[Pop-Out Chat Window]

Skype Instructions: call in to the show, toll-free!

1. Download Skype here.

2. Add "CalliflowerSkype" to your contacts.

3. Call CalliflowerSkype and when prompted, enter the PIN for tonight's show followed by the # sign using your keyboard. Or, use the on-screen keypad provided by Skype.

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