GMI has a word filter/censor in place. The censor stops users from posting offensive or inappropriate language on the site. Any word that is on the banned word list is automatically replaced with ****. The reasons for this feature are numerous, but mostly to keep the site looking clean, and prevent webfilters that are in use at several companies and organizations from flagging GMI as a site with inappropriate content.

We have recently refined this feature so that it is very specific. You have to type the word specifically for the ban feature to pick it up, where in the past, words like Japanese would get picked up because a portion of the word was listed as a word on the banned list. Also, damn is no longer on the list. There are only 25 words on the list (thought it can grow), and many of them deal with names people use to insult foreign automakers. We have also removed damn from the ban list.

We have made these changes at the request of site users who felt the feature could be better implemented. Now that we have done so, we are implementing a policy where anyone who Attempts to get around the world filter will be banned. You have either two options, type the word and let the ban filter pick it up, or just don't post such a word at all. Do not try and get around the filter by putting a symbol in the middle of a word, or using similar tricks. Such actions will result in a 10 day ban. If anyone posts a word, and it is inappropriate, yet the world filter did not pick up the offending word, please report the post so that the staff may review it. Also, just because a inappropriate word is not in the filter, does not mean it is okay to post it. Please use mature judgment.

Thanks, and this is not open for discussion!