This will be the last submission category, and since we had rather diminished returns on Best Sedan, I'm going to make things a bit easier, and just wrap up by taking your opinions by PM. The takes have been great, and for this reason, I'll leave the floor open a bit, in case some of you clever souls have award-caliber takes for stuff not covered under one of the categories.

The final category is Best SUV/Crossover.

You know what to do, and if not...

I’ll be looking for the most eloquent, clever, and passionate takes to include in the final articles. Since I’m expecting responses in the thousands, please understand that I won’t be able to read them all, and I’ll review more takes from regular contributors. Rest assured that both the consensus and the counterpoint will be represented.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Consider the category, and consider your choice.
  • Include your choice in the SUBJECT of the email. Beyond that, funny or clever subjects will increase my likelihood of reading it.
  • Include your GMI SCREEN NAME with your take.
  • Include your take in the email. That means 3-6 sentences explaining your choice.
  • Make it count!
Jungle Rules Apply, though I'd stick to the 3-6 line GMI take format. I appreciate the true Jungle Style takes for the sheer passion of the opinions, but keep in mind that I won't be able to use the whole thing!
  • Have a take.
  • Make sure that it does not suck.
  • Keep it within the etiquette of GMI
  • Keep it within the spirit of the award, i.e. no votes for “Nothing.”
Finally, be patient. We might be geniuses, sometimes evil geniuses, but we’re not super geniuses. The awards page is our biggest project of the year, and our second-most difficult (April Fool’s is tougher, by far), but we’re planning on making it better than ever.

Thanks for making GMI what it is.


Ghrankenstein and the GMI Staff