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  1. LA to Michigan in a GM EV1
  2. Netherlands proposes banning gas, diesel car sales by 2025
  3. New: Riversimple Rasa hydrogen car
  4. Massachusetts Company Uses Bacteria to Create Sustainable Fuel
  5. Diesel Engine Fumes Linked to Autism: Study
  6. Electric Cars are Not that Green: Diesels and Gasoline fare better
  7. Are Hybrids Reliable?
  8. Shell Report Predicts Nearly Oil-Free Transport by 2070
  9. Electric Cars So Disruptive, Gas Cars Will Be Obsolete In 2016, Says Futurist
  10. Charging Time, Not Range, Is the Biggest EV Issue
  11. Why hybrids often deliver lower mpg than advertised
  12. Green price war breaks out to spark interest in electrics
  13. The new economics of driving electric
  14. Wyoming goes slow on $500 billion lithium find
  15. Electric cars vs. plug-in hybrids: Which gets better economy?
  16. Hydrogen fuel edges a step closer
  17. Superstorm Sandy highlights Achilles' heel of electric cars
  18. SAE approves new fast-charging standard for EVs, plug-ins
  19. Putting Some 'Cool' Into Electric Cars
  20. The fast and the flexible: Graphene foam batteries charge quickly
  21. How Much is Your Charge Charging You?
  22. Researchers create algorithms that help lithium-ion batteries charge two times faster
  23. China's Wanxiang to take control of battery maker A123
  24. Internal-combustion engine will motor on for years, U.S. study finds
  25. X-ray Research May Open Door to Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
  26. Japan Finds 200 Yearsí Worth Of Rare Earth
  27. A123: New Li-Ion Cell Performs Fine In High, Low Temperatures
  28. Alt-fuel cars unsustainable without government assistance
  29. Better Place Electric-Car Battery Swapping: Live Report
  30. Hybrid car owners cite price, technology in refusing to buy again
  31. Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names
  32. The Battery-Driven Car Just Got a Lot More Normal
  33. Ford CEO: Battery Is Third of Electric Car Cost
  34. New study shows just how 'green' electric cars are
  35. U.S. fuel economy tops 24 mpg for first time
  36. Most hybrid buyers don't buy another one, Polk study says
  37. How Much And How Fast Will Electric-Car Battery Costs Fall?
  38. Start-Stop Hybrids Hit the Road
  39. Condo owner must pay for meter or unplug electric car
  40. US Diesel Sales Surge as Hybridís Fall in 2011
  41. IBM developing air battery with 500-mile range
  42. Electric cars head for niche status as sales forecasts dip
  43. 5 Million Electric Cars Will Power Homes, Grid by 2017
  44. Battery tech improving as demand soars
  45. Electric Car Range Anxiety Evaporates After Three Months
  46. Thorium Lasers: The Thoroughly Plausible Idea For Nuclear Cars
  47. "Hybrid Scorecard" Rankings
  48. Electric car charging without the plug
  49. Hydrogen Fuel Cells Still Not Practical Says GM
  50. Technologies That Will Get Automakers To 54.5 MPG
  51. Electric Cars Dirtier Than Gasoline Equivalents In China
  52. GM Invests in Solar Tech for Dealerships and Facilities
  53. Range Anxiety Antidote: You Don't Drive As Far As You Think
  54. This Time, GM Takes Low-Key Approach To Mild-Hybrid Technology
  55. Westport Signs Agreement with General Motors to Research Advanced Natural Gas Engine
  56. Five Ethanol Myths, Busted
  57. GM Invests In Fast-Charging EV Bus Firm Proterra
  58. San Francisco to install 80 electric car charging stations
  59. Electric Cars: How They Work, What You Need To Know [video]
  60. Interview: GM's Posawatz Says Future Of Luxury Could Be Electric
  61. Itís Official: DBM Energyís Electric Car Battery Is Real
  62. New engine sends shock waves through auto industry
  63. Electric-Car Range Extender Engines: OK Now, Can Do Better
  64. "Blue Petroleum" fuel of future?
  65. Ethanol Is Coming: E15 To Launch By Summer
  66. Hybrid Break-Even Costs Studied: Cadillac Escalade Hybrid $15/gal
  67. Report: House votes 'overwhelmingly' to block E15 fuel
  68. End the Ethanol Insanity!!!
  69. Coal-Fired Electricity Headed for 'Massive' Declines, Electric Cars to Benefit
  70. Oil Exec Says Electric-Car Batteries 'Not Ready for Primetime'
  71. TV Station Investigates Ethanol Concerns
  72. Opinion: Cold truths about electric cars' cold-weather shortcomings
  73. Cellulosic ethanol closer than you think
  74. EPA set to approve higher Ethanol content for Gasoline
  75. Coming Soon at Best Buy: Electric Car Home Charging Stations
  76. G.M. Has Hydrogen Hopes for Hawaii
  77. EV Acceptance Won't Come Easy, But Growing Numbers Are Interested - Report
  78. The Secret Company That's Profiting From Every Hybrid On The Road
  79. Company Announces Diesel-Powered, Range Extending, Towable Trailer for Electric Cars
  80. For EVs, key number is price, not range
  81. Is the Move to Hybrids Hyped?
  82. GE's 'Largest Order in History' To Boost Electric-Car Market
  83. Automakers Boosting Fuel Economy By Switching Engine Oils
  84. EPA Approves E15 for 2007 and newer cars
  85. Congress urged to lift limit on electric vehicle tax credits
  86. White House requests bids to buy 100 EVs, snubs Wheego?
  87. Study Says Most Americans Support 60 MPG CAFE Standard, Do You?
  88. Japan Pioneers Two Good Ideas: Fast Charging and Battery Swapping
  89. Why EV Battery Packs Might Just Believe in Life After Death
  90. X-Prize Winners Announced: Gas-Powered Non-Hybrid Wins $5 Million
  91. For the Coda EV, a Preface in Washington
  92. A123 Systems Opens Largest Lithium-Ion Automotive Battery Plant in N. America
  93. Tokyo's electric taxi experiment uses switchable batteries
  94. Power struggles: Charging tomorrow's cars
  95. Battery car hype about to stumble over reality
  96. G.M. Ventures Invests $3.2 Million in Battery Company
  97. A Green Car for Every Driver
  98. The Business of Converting Existing Cars Into E.V.ís
  99. North American Diesel Vehicle Sales to Triple by 2016, Research Firm Says
  100. Diesels greener than battery cars, says Swiss gov report
  101. Finally... A proposal from EPA/DOT to reconcile the new technologies
  102. New source of bio-fuel: Scots create whisky-based fuel
  103. Charging Your Electric Car At Home: What You Need To Know
  104. DTE Energy offers rate to charge electric vehicles
  105. U.S. Likely to Lead Emergence of EVs as Means of Mass Transportation - McKinsey
  106. LS9 Says It's Found Genes That Enable One-Step Conversion of Sugar to Diesel
  107. First Drive: Think City EV's New Lithium-Ion Batteries Give Much-Needed Range, Power
  108. Senate panel approves $3.6B for electric vehicles
  109. Automakers, utilities call for federal task force on electric vehicles
  110. US automakers on track for more ethanol vehicles
  111. Slow Start, Gathering Tide: EV Predictions for 2011
  112. Obama to launch broad push for electric vehicle batteries
  113. Bill Gates Buys Stake in EcoMotors, Producer of Potentially Revolutionary Engine
  114. Will Electric Cars Cause More Summer Power Outages?
  115. Battery Hybrid / Clean Diesel Sales June 2010 & YTD
  116. Australia's biodiesel industry in danger
  117. Myers Motors says it will sell two-seat electric DuO for about $25,000 next year
  118. Citroen debuting all-electric Survolt racer at LeMans this weekend (w/video)
  119. Firm to deploy 15,000 electric-car chargers in 13 cities, including District
  120. Car recharging stations planned for Charlotte
  121. Washington Plans Its Own Electric Highway
  122. Five Canceled Electric Car Concepts: Lessons Learned
  123. Kudzu keeps growing, but plans to make it into biofuel have stalled
  124. E.P.A. Delays Ruling on Increasing Ethanol Content in Gasoline
  125. Is ethanol a scam? 'It's a lot smarter than drilling two miles down in the Gulf
  126. Driving the Tesla Roadster in the New Detroit
  127. Hawaii's weather, high gasoline costs lure electric vehicles
  128. Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Comes to California!
  129. GM Places Bet on Natural Gas-Powered Vehicles
  130. Hydrogen tries to catch up in green car race
  131. Truckers Urge NHTSA to set fuel standards
  132. First 100 Volts to be purchased by U.S. Government
  133. Ford and Microsoft Team Up on Electric Vehicle Smart Charging
  134. GM, Department of Energy partner in Jatropha biodiesel research
  135. Interesting Developments for Compression Ignition Engines
  136. The Good News about Hydrogen continues - Significant Fuel Cell Milestone Achieved
  137. GM developing diesel hybrids
  138. Study Finds Plugin Hybrids Will Have Only Small Impact on CO2 and Oil Consumption
  139. Autoline: A Radically New Type of Engine
  140. EREV for Dummies
  141. GM awarded DOE Money to Research Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engines
  142. Volkswagen TwinDrive - The People's Plug-in
  143. Fisker gets $528.7 million loan from U.S. DOE for Karma, Project Nina
  144. GM rolls past 1million mile in fuel cell demo
  145. Fisker karma - 67.2MPG
  146. U.S. firm to demonstrate car battery 'switch' technology
  147. Your tax dollars hard at work aka " - How 'bout them hybrids - in Police service"
  148. Fisker Karma shows the world what they can do at Laguna Seca
  149. Electric Trabant to debut in Frankfurt
  150. Japanese oil, gas companies to tackle hydrogen fueling infrastructure
  151. Battery Grant - GM 2nd Gen RWD electric system
  152. Bullwinkle reaches into his hat - again. aka Gasoline and Diesel - 'together at last'
  153. EcoMotors: Opposed piston, opposed cylinder engine ups power density
  154. Jay Leno's ecojet
  155. OnStar Launches "Remote Ignition Block"
  156. New wonder material, one-atom thick, has scientists abuzz
  157. Electric cars attract hype, but reality is less exciting
  158. GM Cancels its BAS Hybrid Lineup - No Hybrid Sedans or Midsize SUVs
  159. The Killing of Saturn will Kill 25% of Gm's Hybrid sales.
  160. Ford Fusion Hybrid set to attempt to travel 1,000 miles on a single tank of gas
  161. GM lobbies for electric car plug standardization
  162. GM Wants "Hydrogen Highway" Across New York
  163. Letters/Opinions: GM Should Build Light Rail Cars and Passenger Trains Instead
  164. GM asks U.S. for $2.6 billion to build hybrids
  165. Prius Solar Roof Panel; All Air and No Charge
  166. A123 Systems Licences New Battery Technology That Charges in Seconds
  167. Expensive Fuel Efficient Cars: Hybrid Car Sales go From 60 to 0 at Breakneck Speed
  168. Another Way To Do It: Lightning - In The ( Hydraulic ) Bottle
  169. Electric car charging stations power-up in San Francisco
  170. How to bring back the Big 3
  171. Fuel-Making Fungus Challenges Oil Creation Theory
  172. Verasun files bankruptcy protection
  173. Oil below $70 (UPDATE: below $67); E85 below $2.25
  174. Along With Wall Street Bailout, Plug-in Car $7500 Tax Credit is Passed
  175. Breakthrough on capacitor technology
  176. Bills introduced in Congress: $7500 PHEV credit, E85 pumps mandated, and more
  177. GM Delivers Fuel Cell Equinox to EPA for Testing
  178. Ethanol Is Dream Deferred for Farming Towns Too Late to Biofuel
  179. The future of fuel will arrive next year
  180. Dutch venture plans cheap, powerful electric cars
  181. GMNext: Saturn VUE Plug in
  182. First mass U.S. crossing for hydrogen cars completed
  183. A plug-in Corvette? You bet, St. Louis Park man says
  184. 6.61 litre V8 turbo diesel from GM - Biodiesel Trident - 170 mph - 60+mpg
  185. Researchers Tout Gore-Tex Coating for Fuel-Cell Breakthrough
  186. I Want Nuclear-Generated Hydrogen: GM's R&D Chief Larry Burns Talks Alternative Fuels
  187. Google Outspends US Government on Drilling... for Geothermal Energy
  188. What goes in is what comes out
  189. ITM-Power Claims Polymer Membrane Breakthrough in Hydrogen Electrolysers
  190. Researchers work to turn car's exhaust into power
  191. Corn futures plummet as speculators exit market
  192. Bi-partisan bill introduced to promote E85 pumps
  193. Win - Win: Cars to run on household rubbish
  194. Bio-gasoline plant being built near Emeryville
  195. Field test confirms miscanthus far better than corn or switchgrass for ethanol
  196. If you are anti-ethanol, please read the following VERY carefully
  197. In the past month: E85 down over 65 cents; gasoline down 18 cents
  198. Corn down 25% on news that 2008 crop will be 2nd largest on record; E85 drops 4 cents
  199. Georgia: UGA (Dawgs) researchers increase cellulosic ethanol yield by 10x
  200. U.S. ethanol production capacity up 46% from year ago: now 9.4 billion gallons
  201. More evidence that ethanol has nothing to do with high food prices
  202. Dupont announces cellulosic ethanol plant in Tennessee
  203. Plug-in hybrids generate buzz in San Jose
  204. Los Angeles: 3 million gal./year ethanol plant fueled by wood/paper waste
  205. Nebraska: 60 million gallons of biodiesel per year from beef tallow
  206. GM, utilities team up on electric cars
  207. Shocking: claim that your car can run on water is false
  208. 9 new biofuel stories for your energy independent weekend
  209. Texas Approves Massive New Wind Power Project; A Gust at the Volt's Back?
  210. World's biofuel production capacity continues to skyrocket
  211. Malibu heading into NYC Taxi Service as Plan for Hybrid Taxi Fleet Moves Forward
  212. American Electric Power says grid ready for plug-in hybrids
  213. Wisconsin: Company turns paper mill into "next gen" biodiesel plant
  214. Shell buys half of cellulosic ethanol co.; makes significant technology investment
  215. Verenium opens cellulosic ethanol plant in Thailand
  216. Chrysler aims to have electric cars in three to five years
  217. Tesla Shipping Cars
  218. Pickens Plan for Energy Independance
  219. Biodiesel from algae approaching commercial scale in New Mexico
  220. Wagoner Says Customers Didn't Want Hybrids
  221. 15 states offer E85 at 25%+ less than gasoline
  222. Florida: E85 available along entire turnpike
  223. Pennsylvania passes law requiring in-state produced B20 and cellulosic E10
  224. The Onion - "The Obligatory Green Issue"
  225. Green-Conscious GE Develops Hybrid Lightbulb
  226. Michigan: 14 stations getting funding for E85 infrastructure
  227. EXPOSED: How the anti-ethanol lobby does business
  228. Mascoma/Michigan Universities building cellulosic ethanol plant in Michigan's U.P.
  229. Lutz: "Don't tell me how to make an E-car"
  230. Interesting sign on gas pump in Peshtigo, Wisconsin
  231. Wagoner to Obama: More Funding Please
  232. Most consumers willing to pay for hybrid cars
  233. Company building facility in Nebraska to meet future cellulosic ethanol enzyme needs
  234. Not Ethanol: China's change in meat consumption responsible for high grain prices
  235. Bob Lutz on the Future of Green Cars and Fuel Economy
  236. Time to electrify the economy
  237. Water Powered Car makes its debut
  238. Water Powered 'Fuel Cell'
  239. Missouri: E10 mandate lowering gas price by 9.8 cents per gallon
  240. T. Boone Pickens: "No question" that American ethanol is better than imported oil
  241. What-old GM electric cars (well trucks) still exist in public hands!
  242. Arkansas: 29,000 gallons of biodiesel per day from chicken fat
  243. Company to make a LOT of ethanol via algae secretion
  244. Solazyme produces algae diesel: identical to petrol diesel; passes ASTM D-975
  245. GM asking for government help with battery technology
  246. Four Dollar A Gallon Gas Fueling Hope For Hydrogen
  247. Argonne Lab: China making "vast progress" in Li-Ion battery manufacturing technology
  248. Biofuel battle at the UN: biofuels win
  249. GM set to buy Hybrid Battery supplier
  250. May, 2008 (USA) Hybrid sales results (all)