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  1. 11 companies racing to build cellulosic ethanol plants
  2. GM: Battery glitch cuts hybrid sales
  3. GM Finally Steps Up
  4. Groups Push For Ethanol Growth in Hawaii
  5. Nation's largest biodiesel refinery opening in Houston 6/2/08
  6. 12 new E85 stations to open in metro Atlanta
  7. Oil Bubble, or Bubble Babble?
  8. Verenium Commissions Louisiana Cellulosic Ethanol Plant: $1.34/gallon target price
  9. Company engineers algae to produce chemical that is identical to 91 octane gasoline
  10. Bullwinkle reaches into hat again - pulls out Hummer and '65 Impala
  11. GM hearts Planet Green
  12. New light on GM's EV1
  13. Alternative Fuel and Energy News Roundup
  14. Chelsea gets Massachusetts' first E85 pump
  15. Ethanol Smear Campaign Exposed in Roll Call Magazine
  16. Minnesota mandates 20% biodiesel
  17. DuPont forms joint venture to produce cellulosic ethanol
  18. Sweet Sorghum excellent alternative to corn for ethanol
  19. India: success extraction of oil from marine algae
  20. Actual facts -- food vs. fuel
  21. Several companies are within 2 years of selling algae biodiesel
  22. GM and Marathon Oil both invest in same cellulosic ethanol company
  23. Florida legislature passes new ethanol mandate
  24. another view on Corn Ethanol
  25. GM invests in 2nd ethanol company
  26. Ethanol vs. food debate growing
  27. Oklahoma: world's largest switchgrass farm to be planted this spring
  28. Indiana: 15 tons/day of municipal waste turned into 20MM gals ethanol/year
  29. 83% of NYC taxis may be Escape Hybrids within 4 years
  30. VeraSun breaks ground on plant to make biodiesel from leftovers
  31. GM announces location of Coskata cellulosic ethanol plant
  32. Indiana shows ethanol some Hoosier love
  33. Turning Cellulose to Gasoline, not Ethanol at a $1/Gallon
  34. Merrill Lynch: without ethanol, oil prices would be 15% higher
  35. Ethanol producers use 16% less water, 22% less energy than just 5 years ago
  36. DOE to Fund 3 More Small-Scale Cellulosic Biorefinery Projects With Up To $86M
  37. Coskata begins work on cellulosic ethanol plant
  38. (VIDEO) ZeaChem Brewing Ethanol Helps Lower Price at Pump
  39. Corn ethanol plant powered by landfill methane
  40. Iowa negotiating for algae biodiesel plant
  41. U.S. automakers try to repeat green halo of Prius
  42. Biodiesel: massive jatropha planting comes to U.S.
  43. Louisiana: Cellulosic ethanol plant starts up
  44. Q1: Ethanol production up 37%; 8 billion gallons for 2008?
  45. Magic Johnson gets a Fuel Cell Equinox
  46. Petroleum Group says Lack of Biofuels Pumps Not Oil Industry’s Fault
  47. Classic Chevy/Hummer of Grapevine, Texas, installs E85, biodiesel pumps
  48. Company matches Coskata's ability to make cellulosic ethanol for under $1/gallon
  49. 730 days and counting: diesel from algae in your tank
  50. Yet ANOTHER way ethanol from corn is becoming more efficient
  51. Algae to biodiesel farm starts operations 4/1/08
  52. Marathon to offer only ethanol blended fuels at 16 Midwestern terminals
  53. Video: Jay Leno drives Tesla #001
  54. The numbers are in: 2007 ethanol production up 34%
  55. [Seattle Mayor] Nickels calls for switch to hybrid cabs
  56. 18 Months Until Custom-Made, Oil-Pooping Bacteria
  57. Major cellulosic ethanol breakthrough: 75 billion gallons per year?
  58. Florida company building Sweet Sorghum ethanol plant
  59. Scientists Determine Farm Costs of Producing Switchgrass for Ethanol
  60. New study: 20% ethanol does not harm current vehicles
  61. The Ethanol Bust
  62. Definitive proof that ethanol is not creating a food corn shortage
  63. Numbers don't lie: alt. fuel buses and trucks everywhere
  64. U.S. DOE: $33.8 million for 4 new cellulosic ethanol research projects
  65. E85 coming to 20 Dallas/Houston Kroger stores
  66. (Southern) - California Gets Their Dream Car
  67. Purdue University engineers develop cost competitive hydrogen on demand system
  68. Dakotas to Midwest to East Coast Ethanol Pipeline In The Works
  69. As Lithium Cars Arrive, Lithium Questions Persist
  70. American cellulosic plant count: 13
  71. U.S leads in battery R&D, but not capable of manufacturing them - must rely on China
  72. Biomass to ethanol process shown to be profitable
  73. GM's Ethanol from Garbage Partner
  74. New materials can selectively capture CO2, scientists say
  75. Louisiana company gets first shipment of Latin American jatropha oil
  76. Biofuel from algae...
  77. Study: Ethanol may add to global warming
  78. Detroit Electric Car to Return After 100 Years
  79. Coskata announces plant: $1/gal. cellulosic ethanol on the way
  80. Australian Scientist make Bio crude from Waste paper
  81. Big development for algae biodiesel
  82. GSPI Completes Algae to Biodiesel Winter Demo Testing
  83. First American cellulosic ethanol plant now in production
  84. Ethanol and world markets
  85. Tesla test
  86. GM Forms New Vehicle Engineering Organization for Hybrids, Extended-Range Electric Ve
  87. WOW GM China is going Green, at least as green as GMNA
  88. Trouble for Plug-in and Hybrid Vehicles?
  89. Naias: 150 Mpg Suv
  90. GM Extends Biofuels Leadership With Coskata Partnership
  91. Ford finds way to fuel cars with hydrogen
  92. VeraSun to start getting biodiesel oil out of corn ethanol "waste"
  93. Chicken fat to biodiesel breakthrough
  94. New battery tech holds 10 times more charge
  95. New Renewable Fuel Standard - where it will come from
  96. Bolt-on Kit Converts Vehicles to Ethanol
  97. Energy Bill passes Congress; President to sign.
  98. 35 MPG Energy Bill Overwhelmingly Passes Senate, President to Sign
  99. Toshiba's announces new battery that can reach 90% recharged in less than 5 minutes
  100. Big Oil is building algae farm in Hawaii for biodiesel
  101. Is GM's Green Tech Better Than Toyota's?
  102. Some ethanol blends give better economy than gas
  103. Alternative Fuels Update: December 5, 2007 (with pics)
  104. Canada to quadruple renewable fuel production in next 5 years
  105. GM/Saab slideshow on Hybrids
  106. Don't throw out that turkey grease!
  107. Azure Dynamics series hybrid bus successfully completes U.S. government testing
  108. Company discovers new way to get heavy oil out of Canadian sands
  109. Light Duty Diesels meet Hybrids in Trucks
  110. Breaking Video: GM's Next Gen Mild Hybrids To Use Li-Ion
  111. Market is demanding more renewable fuel than government is mandating
  112. Austrailians to Make Algae Biodiesel from Coal Plant Emissions (and other news)
  113. GM's PR Promises vs. Honda's Beef
  114. USA's TENTH Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
  115. Montana: Biodiesel from camelina grown on marginal land without H2O or fertilizer
  116. U.S. proven oil reserves decline 4% in 2006
  117. Algae biodiesel plants everywhere
  118. Diesel fuel to be made from dirty diapers
  119. Wagoner: GM To Release 16 New Hybrid's Over The Next 4 Years
  120. Government testing higher percentage Ethanol blends
  121. Microbial Hydrogen Production Threatens Extinction for the Ethanol Dinosaur
  122. Iacocca: "Plug-in hybrids: that's the wave of the future, not hydrogen
  123. RAND: Diesels and hybrids better than gas engines
  124. more positive hydrogen news: storage
  125. Here comes another one-third of a Billion gallons of corn ethanol
  126. Hybrid System Comes to Full-Size Autos
  127. Two HUGE alternative fuel stories
  128. New Technique creates cheap, abundant Hydrogen
  129. WSJ: Ethanol in America
  130. In Farm Belt, Ethanol Plants Hit Resistance - NYTimes
  131. International announces hybrid truck assembly
  132. E85 (adjusted for lower energy content) once again cheaper than mid-grade gasoline
  133. Biofuel Stations Invade The South (and other biofuel news)
  134. Gasoline Prices Poised to Jump
  135. International Energy Agency Predict Energy Crunch
  136. Biofuels spreading to the coasts
  137. USA's NINTH Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
  138. 74% of Americans want more alternative fuels
  139. Crimes against the UN -- New Mexico: 75 million gpy biodiesel from animal fat
  140. Ethanol: Crime Against Humanity
  141. Big 3 tuning in to the green talk
  142. GM Starts Production On New Hybrid Engine
  143. AutoNews: GM To Use Contract Savings To Go Green..
  144. Biofuels - Great Green Hope or Swindle
  145. WI: Corn crop could be largest in state history
  146. How the former Soviet Union could replace the world's entire oil supply
  147. DOE says more ethanol blends on the way
  148. A123 Systems Receives $30 Million Investment
  149. U.S. Ethanol opening its own station in Washington
  150. Have ethanol producers found the holy grail of feed stock?
  151. A123Systems Press release
  152. GM Asks 100 People To Test Drive Fuel Cell Cars
  153. Hummer: 600hp and 60mpg?
  154. OECD blasts EU biofuels rush
  155. Amid gridlock, senators introduce stand-alone ethanol fuel bill
  156. GM Gets Behind World Solar Challenge Entrants - GM Supports Diesel Idea
  157. World can replace 5% of petrol oil with biodiesel using "responsible" agriculture
  158. GM Launches Project Driveway
  159. Ethanol's Water Shortage
  160. City Council approves plant that will double American biodiesel production
  161. USA's second wood cellulosic ethanol plant is up and running
  162. 10/15/07: Cellulosic ethanol in Nebraska plant opens for production
  163. 12 million gallons of biodiesel per year from chicken fat
  164. Democracy in action: 88% of Americans say YES! to biofuels
  165. Netherlands building 50 million gpy YEAST cellulosic ethanol plant
  166. Time Magazine: Green Motors
  167. EnerDel and Th!nk sign largest contract in history for Li-Ion batteries
  168. Virgin Atlantic 747 to test biofuel in early 2008
  169. Abengoa's pilot cellulosic ethanol plant is up and running!
  170. UN/EU/USDA: High cost of foreign oil -- not corn ethanol -- increasing food costs
  171. Johnson Controls enters renewable energy alliance
  172. Green Motors
  173. Ethanol Industry Is Losing Clout In Congress as Food Prices Climb
  174. Supersized: company announces revloutionary 10 million gpy fat-to-biodiesel plant
  175. How to reduce consumption 10% and emissions 22%
  176. Qatar Oil Minister: Oil "Should" Be Over $100/ barrel
  177. Germany: 330 hp tractor engine to run on raw vegetable oil
  178. World biodiesel market to grow 42%/yr. through 2016
  179. Company successfully tests pork-fat-to-biodiesel process
  180. A European Perspective On Hybrids.
  181. USA's EIGHTH cellulosic ethanol plant
  182. Sorghum quadruples ethanol per acre
  183. Lots of E85 News
  184. GM Promotes E85 Ethanol Infrastructure in Pittsburgh
  185. Atlanta Shell Stations offer E10 in ALL fuels
  186. Ethanol Boom Running Out of Gas
  187. GM to make 94,000 4.5L diesels per year
  188. EnerDel to deliver Li-Ion batteries to PHEV manufacturers for $1,500
  189. Kiplinger recommends animal-fat-to-biodiesel company
  190. USA's SEVENTH' cellulosic ethanol plant
  191. Big Oil trying to stop E85
  192. Algae biodiesel company: 100,000 gal. per acre per year
  193. Funny Onstar Requirement
  194. E85 price in a free fall - even after adjusting for BTUs
  195. CO2 emissions 'recycled' to grow algae for biofuel
  196. Cellulastic ethanol: Where we are and how far we have to go
  197. Biofuel crops may raise greenhouse gas emissions, scientist says
  198. Introducing HCCI Technology
  199. recycling glycerin
  200. USABC Awards $6.5M Li-Ion Technology Development Contract To EnerDel
  201. DuPont-BP to debut biobutanol in UK this fall
  202. USA's Sixth Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
  203. Hydrogen-Powered Chevy, Saturn Hybrid to ECOFEST
  204. Cessna to Use High-Tech Batteries
  205. Video: Electric Bike Driver Nearly Killed In Demonstration
  206. Alternative power sources for autos drive into spotlight
  207. GM to install one of largest solar power systems in the U.S.
  208. Former Shell Chairman: Peak oil, $150/barrel in 20 years
  209. Proposal: 200 million gallon per year biodiesel from Texas grown jatropha
  210. Cellulosic Ethanol Plant: Switchgrass and Other Sources
  211. GM's solution to the Li-On Battery Problem
  212. Ricardo Achieves Tier 2 Bin 5 Diesel Emissions Without NOx Aftertreatment
  213. Malcolm’s X-Prize Bid
  214. Bob Lutz: "Ethanol makes more sense than diesel"
  215. Burning saltwater as fuel
  216. Texas company invents battery 5min charge for 500mile drive
  217. PetroSun developing algae farms in Brazil
  218. GM could have made a plug-in hybrid car 38 years ago
  219. Will bioengineered yeast quadruple ethanol output?
  220. Volvo ReCharge Plug-In Hybrid Concept Car to debut at Frankfurt Auto Show
  221. Two more teams in algae biodiesel business
  222. HOLY COW! Algae oil market about to explode!
  223. Alternative Fuels Update - 8/30/07
  224. Fingering the suspect (you) in the EV's death, again
  225. Kroger offering 20 new E85 pumps in Ohio/Kentucky
  226. Alternative Fuels Update - 8/28/07
  227. GM plant going 'landfill-free'
  228. GM tests technology that could raise fuel economy by 15 percent
  229. Journalist tells of his time behind the wheel of the HCCI Aura
  230. GM developing 2nd gen mild hybrid system
  231. British company claims "near silver bullet" in cellulosic ethanol production
  232. Bring Back the Mobil Economy Run?
  233. Cow-powered Fuel Cell
  234. USA's 5th CELLULOSIC Ethanol Plant
  235. Louisiana gets E85 station - only 9 states still without
  236. Pellets of power designed to deliver hydrogen for tomorrow's vehicles
  237. Biodiesel giant Imperium working on algae fuel
  238. New gas station chain ("Refuel America") to market its own biofuels
  239. Biofuel Update 8-20-07 (Corn free!) -- UPDATED (Still corn free!)
  240. Drunk on ethanol (LA Times editorial)
  241. Is Brazil's Sugar Cane Ethanol Better Than Corn Based??
  242. NASA: Biofuels from seaweed grown in the desert
  243. A Game Changer: GM's Surprising SUV Hybrid Makes Sense
  244. Australian biofuel gas station "going great guns" in Melbourne
  245. UAW and Big Three rally for jobs, against tough CAFE rules
  246. Michigan biodiesel industry responding to high soy bean prices
  247. Japan, Inc. coordinates efforts to take lead in Li-Ion race
  248. Rolling Stone Article: "The Ethanol Scam"
  249. Michigan oil company fined for gouging in Katrina's wake
  250. "Hydrogen is Bunk"