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: Holden and Australian Automobile Industry Discussion

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  1. Brock - Over The Top
  2. WheelsMag - Opinion: Our obsession with dual-cabs is a problem
  3. These Were The Best Cars Holden Ever Built
  4. GM to scrap Holden brand
  5. Aussie VE/VF owners
  6. C8 Corvette RHD for Australia.
  7. You can't get a Bug in to Australia
  8. HSV forced to change camaro tyres.
  9. Shutting Down our Town
  10. Statesman HQ in New Zealand
  11. Is This the Next Generation Ford Ranger?
  12. Dave Moss Tuning
  13. Opel/Vauxhall to end Holden supply in 2-3 years
  14. Can Holden's Seventh Boss in Ten Years Save the Brand ?
  15. Crayon to CAD: A History of Post-War Automotive Design in Australia
  16. Chevrolet's Silverado Australian Prices Revealed
  17. Holden Commodore VXR v Kia Stinger GT 2018 Comparison
  18. Why Didn't GM Sell Us Its V8-Powered Australian Subaru Outback?
  19. Elizabeth to get its spark back with GFG Alliance?
  20. HSV builds its final Holden Commodore-based super sedan
  21. Practical Motoring Holden Equinox Review
  22. HSV tease "A new future".
  23. Dark day for Australian car industry
  24. Holden Camira: questions
  25. Motorclassica celebrates the Australian Automobile Industry one last time
  26. Victoria Police Choose BMW
  27. Motorsport
  28. Remember When Holden's Marketing Actually Knew About The Cars They Sold ?
  29. Remember When Holden's Marketing Actually Knew About The Cars They Sold ?
  30. Last hurrah for Holden
  31. V Facts July 2017
  32. V Facts July 2017
  33. 2018 HSV/Walkinshaw Colorado: HSV’s new ute exposed
  34. Colorado ZR2 Spotted in Australia
  35. Tested: next year’s Holden Commodore
  36. Driverless Cars & Kangaroos
  37. Holden terminates 30 dealers as sales slide bites
  38. V6 Ecotec twin turbo | TERAFI Commodore
  39. Whimsical Tweet that has merit: Tesla acquires Elizabeth?
  40. Holden Commodore Question
  41. Toyota confirms October date for Altona closure
  42. Holden cuts price of Astra
  43. Holden’s two-door sports car details due soon, could exist across several segments
  44. New Holden Astra goes on sale in Australia today — with an eye-watering price
  45. Holden Commodore prototype 2018
  46. 2018 Holden Commodore Sportwagon spied
  47. Holden's "2020 masterplan" revisited.
  48. Auction to disperse one of the world’s largest Holden collection
  49. New book reveals Holden designed a top secret electric supercar just before the 2008
  50. Never Thought I'd Be Posting Anything Here
  51. Why GM and Holden are failing in Australia.
  52. Vauxhall still selling Maloo in the UK
  53. Captiva Woes
  54. HSV about to launch 4 Limited Edition LS3s.
  55. Holden Price differences between Aust and NZ
  56. Saw a Cadillac CTS in Brisbane
  57. Holden Commodore Black Edition
  58. Australian built* muscle car vids
  59. Holden Chevrolet 3 Ton Trucks World War Two
  60. EXCLUSIVE: Leaked $3bn electric car plan angers industry
  61. Possible Commodore MY17 updates
  62. Insignia VXR first impressions
  63. A New Australian V8 Sport Sedan
  64. Brand Continuity
  65. Ford Falcon XR Sprint - the end of the line.
  66. captiva manual needed
  67. HSV considering a LS9 GTS-R?
  68. New Ford Everest Catches fire during test drive
  69. New V8 Ute platform pushed back to 2018
  70. New Buick LaCrosse hints at next Holden Commodore
  71. 1998 Holden Commodore Review
  72. Holden concept car collection to stay in Australia
  73. Victoria Police's Latest ...'Weapon'
  74. Drive.com.au 2016 Holden Astra review
  75. Astra GTC impression
  76. Holden Cascada impressions
  77. Ethan Automotive
  78. The end is nigh - memory lane montage
  79. MOTORSPORT: V8 Supercars developing V6 turbo
  80. Mustang deliveries going out
  81. Some Ford history for sale
  82. Australian Automotive Design on Show -Shifting Gears Exhibition - Ian Potter Gallery
  83. Territory vs Everest
  84. Holden's Opel reliance longer than we thought.
  85. New Holden Cruze Ad - False Advertising or a Cool New Feature ?
  86. Sacrificing safety for romance
  87. They will keep the Commodore name.
  88. Massive week for Holden designers
  89. Next car
  90. 50 years of Holden Wagons.
  91. Chris Harris reviews the Maloo GTS
  92. Holden ute exported to the USA
  93. Holden worker jailed over engine theft
  94. Does an HSV V8 Version of Cadillac's CTS Make Sense?
  95. Jarryd Hayne NRL to NFL
  96. AU Falcon Bashing
  97. Ongoing Owner's Report - Commodore SV6 Manual
  98. A suggestion for the future Aussie auto industry
  99. Australian Legends of Motorsport
  100. 70,000 miles at 70mph
  101. FPV GT F vs HSV GTS Dyno test
  102. Holden sales - the Commodore dilemma.
  103. The Democratic Perspective
  104. What will GM's value proposition be for the Australian market?
  105. Shaggin' Wagon: Holden Sandman turns 40
  106. New Holden in The States
  107. What's this test mule spotted in Oz?
  108. 2014 Australian Grand Prix
  109. For Sale: Serbian HK Holden Monaro
  110. AU Falcon: Right car, wrong time.
  111. Oz Highway Patrol - What will post-2017 look like ?
  112. Submission to the Productivity Commission
  113. Holden Cruze SRi Video Review
  114. Holden paid workers over the odds while accepting $2b in aid, says minister
  115. Holden V8 powered chainsaw
  116. Fragmented Markets and Customer Loyalty
  117. HSV Statesman/HSV Grange
  118. Why the Aussies are so painful at the moment.
  119. Merry Christmas from HSV
  120. Is the Cruze hatch dead?
  121. Why doesn't GM at least try to sell Holden?
  122. Holden Announcment Timing
  123. CONFIRMED: Holden gone by 2017
  124. Productivity Commission: Automotive Manufacturing Industry Submissions
  125. Holden does it again
  126. The Commodore has caught a case of Jungle Fever, Diagnosis Hot As!!!
  127. F1 Bathurst 2015
  128. What's your favorite Holden model name?
  129. Aussie cars suffer from daggy dad label
  130. VF SSV Wow
  131. Rumor: After 65 Years, the Holden Ute is About to Retire
  132. Who wore it best? Holden Colorado 7 vs Isuzu MU-X kissing cousins.
  133. Heard a whisper about the next Falcon.
  134. Noises of the Gold Coast 600
  135. Honesty the best policy?
  136. If only I had some spare coin...
  137. Peugeot 2008 undercuts Trax by $1500
  138. Holden Cruze SRiV vs Nissan Pulsar SSS
  139. Drove the Trax - was surprised.
  140. Captiva seat help
  141. Holden VF Calais: question
  142. Holden Coupe Comming?
  143. 130 kmh speed limit petition
  144. Convertible HK Brougham & Monaro
  145. Now this is tempting guys
  146. Election & Holden
  147. Happy Medium - Holden Malibu vs Mondeo, Accord, Mazda6 and Camry
  148. Torana GTR convertible (hotter with top up)
  150. FPV GT R-SPEC vs. HSV GTS 2013: Comparison
  151. Ford hosts $4m party as Holden workers vote on future
  152. Aussie July sales Holden Commodore sales at highest in 16 months, outsells the Camry.
  153. Escape Beigeville - Holden Malibu TV ad
  154. Triple 8 Redbull Race Transporter + Wazza the Naked Truckie (video)
  155. Ford Mustang returns to Australia as performance icon after almost 50 years.
  156. Mid-size comparison review: Mazda6 v Malibu v Camry v Accord
  157. Holden's Uphill Battle
  158. Walkinshaw kits up VF... demonstrates how not to do a bonnet wrap.
  159. Interesting Evaluation Quartet
  160. Reviewed:El Camino kindred spirit - HSV Maloo R8 y'all!
  161. Australian market - VW sales crash
  162. Aus vs USA: Holden SS-V vs Chrysler 300C SRT8-Core
  163. Dearly Departed - those that are no longer Australian assembled
  164. Colorado pick-up truck sale boom sales up 573% in May
  165. Small car mega test - Holden's first podium in years.
  166. V or redline option for SV6 Commodore
  167. Open speed limits for Territory?
  168. Holden Trax spotted (or should that be striped?)
  169. VF's new safety tech - in animated form.
  170. Vf lpg ss ?
  171. Official unofficial vf pictures thread!
  172. Regal Peacock My14 Cruze
  173. http://www.carscoops.com/2013/04/new-2014-holden-ute-ssv-wags-its-tale.html
  174. Holden VE Commodore named best Australian-built car in history
  175. HSV sales figures 2012
  176. HRT Monaro is for sale
  177. Holden begins the runout.
  178. 2013 Mailibu spotted No pictures :-(
  179. V8 Supercar Clipsal 500
  180. Long Service Medals
  181. Just for Holden fans; GTR-X
  182. Corvette heading to Australia?
  183. Captiva Maxx audio/screen upgrade
  184. Chrysler to launch cheaper HSV fighter
  185. Holden fast-tracks VF Commodore debut
  186. Wheels Car of the Year
  187. Best comgen of the new SS/VF I've seen (if not entirely accurate)
  188. Opel bringing the full OPC down under
  189. Holden challenges Toyota with Colorado 7 pricing
  190. Wheels Small Car Mega Test
  191. Award season is 'ere: Carsales People's Choice Awards
  192. Holden powered Bolwell Mark 7's
  193. Holden/Lamborghini tie up??
  194. Torana GTR-X
  195. HSV racer previews hybrid Holden V8
  196. vid: All-new Holden Colorado 7
  197. Bathurst 2012
  198. Australian V8 SC Car of the Future unveiled
  199. Holden VE Dual Fuel Fuel Usage on South Australia to West Australia and return
  200. Commodore future in buyers' hands
  201. VYII V8 Adventra
  202. GM names its Commodore replacement in confidential documents to Canberra
  203. Is this a new spy picture of the upcoming VF? or is it just an old shot
  204. Asbestos Parts in new Chinese Recalled cars wont be replaced
  205. Walkingshaw Performance Cruze.
  206. MY13 Cruze
  207. Report: Ford to exit Australian manufacturing in 2016
  208. Long Range Electric Holden Volt - 2012 TVC (Electricity)
  209. Press release from Walkingshaw Racing (Holden Racing Team)
  210. Back in Oz!
  211. Long Range Electric Holden Volt - 2012 TVC (Change)
  212. R.I.P John Bagshaw
  213. Classic Holden found ‘as new’, with 998km on the clock.
  214. Fitting VE rims to a VZ
  215. EV Engineering's all electric Commodore to undergo trials
  216. VF Commodore predictions
  217. Genuine Holden Accessories -- Behind the Scenes of Colorado
  218. "It's Just the Beginning" Holden Co-operative Series (Holden Careers)
  219. Former England Striker Alan Smith on Euro 2012
  220. Holden Thunder Ute TVC - No back seat drivers
  221. All-New Colorado Behind The Scenes
  222. All-new Holden Colorado TV Ad
  223. Driving the Holden Efijy
  224. Holden Cruze v2
  225. Holden Car Export Highlights
  226. Holden Volt Charging Up
  227. AutoAction Reveals VF Commodore
  228. VEII Commodore sedan in Chlorophyll sitting (with pics) in the driveway
  229. Holden's Latest Offers: End of Financial Year Countdown is ON NOW!
  230. All-new Holden Colorado
  231. Holden 2011 Financial Results - Interview with CFO, George Kapitelli
  232. Holden Design: A Look Inside Series (Holden Careers)
  233. Kirsty Lindsay Holden Design - A Look Inside (Holden Careers) Series
  234. A good ANZAC day to all
  235. Bring Holden entire to the US!
  236. RTA could not register LPG Holden existence....
  237. Kubota v2203 head,kubota v1902,hino heads
  238. Importing a Ute to the US: possible or not?
  239. Jenson Button Bathurst lap
  240. HSV GTS co-stars in new BBC Topgear webvideo
  241. First trip to Australia! F1 to boot!
  242. Alpha+ based 2017 Holden Ute Range
  243. Holden’s new VF Commodore out and about
  244. G'day, guys! How's your Captiva II going?
  245. Opinion: Farewell Holden
  246. Holden BBQ
  247. Wheels 2011 "Car of the Year"
  248. Q about Mopar in Oz
  249. Jason Richards dies from cancer.
  250. Gorgeous concept car predicted future in 1969 — and now it's back