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  1. GM president on its electric future: ‘We can’t get away with vaporware’
  2. Detroit-Hamtramck to be GM’s First Assembly Plant 100% Devoted to EVs
  3. GM Set to Open a New Technical Center in Charlotte
  4. Introducing the Cruise Origin. Self-Driven. All-Electric. Shared.
  5. China's Great Wall agrees to buy General Motors' India plant
  6. GM appoints first chief sustainability officer
  7. Germany Plans Aid for Struggling Auto Industry
  8. GM says over 1,350 temps will get full-time jobs by March 31
  9. GMC Will Also Offer Hummer SUV If Pickup Is Successful
  10. Hummer Super Bowl Ad To Feature LeBron James
  11. GM to Revive Hummer Name As GMC Offering
  12. Fiat Chrysler will effectively fund the building of Tesla's new German factory
  13. Diesel engines without soot, that's the promise of a new fuel-injection design
  14. Industry lobbying groups Global Automakers, Auto Alliance merge
  15. Canada's 10 best-selling auto brands at the end of 2019
  16. GM Posts Its Biggest China Sales Decline
  17. Why GM should shift to Cadillac instead of reviving Hummer (Opinion)
  18. Gm U.S. Deliveries For Quarter 4 2019
  19. GM’s 2019 sales decline on discontinued cars, lower Chevrolet sales
  20. Study: Opioid Deaths Rise in Towns Where U.S. Auto Plants Have Closed
  21. Ghosn says enough: Escaped 'injustice' in Japan for Lebanon
  22. Why SUVs are getting bigger and bigger: GM, Toyota, Ford enlarge hefty vehicles
  23. GM Asks NHTSA to Let It Run Cars with No Steering Wheel or Driver
  24. Autoline After Hours 2019 In Review
  25. GM recalls 814K pickups, cars to fix brake, battery problems
  26. GM Oshawa plant to end vehicle production today
  27. Incentive Alert: GM Card
  28. Once world’s largest automaker, GM retreats overseas as other companies take the lead
  29. Honda CEO Tells Of Quality "Crisis"; Engineer Blames "Crazy Complexity"
  30. MotorTrend parent discontinuing 19 automotive magazines
  31. GM And LG Chem Plan $2.3 Billion Electric Battery Venture In Ohio
  32. GM/Ford/FCA November 2019 Sales Estimates
  33. (Former) UAW Vice President Pleads Guilty
  34. Tesla's CEO Blames Nasty Tweet On "Overwork"
  35. GM to lay off 800 workers at Detroit-Hamtramck
  36. GM bringing 3-cylinder back to North America
  37. Federal Oversight of the UAW a Possibilty
  38. Former UAW President Gary Jones Resigns His UAW Membership
  39. V12 Will Return in Next Generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class in 2021
  40. GM president: Electric cars won't go mainstream until we fix these problems
  41. GM CEO: Yes To Electric Vehicles - No To Hybrids
  42. QOTD: "General Motors Declares Corporate War On Fiat Chrysler"
  43. 2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Is Finally Here, and It’s Gorgeous
  44. Gary Jones, UAW President, Resigns
  45. Retired UAW Vice President & Former GM Board Member Agrees to Plead Guilty
  46. GM SUES FIAT CHRYSLER Alleging Corruption Undermined Its UAW Deals
  47. California to stop buying GM, Toyota and FCA vehicles over emissions fight
  48. Parts with passports: how free trade drives GM's engines
  49. Strong Rumor: Electric Hummer Pickup Coming In 2021
  50. Three of Four GM Brands Drop in Consumer Reports Annual Reliability Ranking
  51. 2020 European Union start to hit Automakers with 34 billion Euro CO2 emission fines
  52. UAW to Hire Ethics Officer and Implement Rules due to Corruption in its Ranks
  53. 2020 AWD Sedan Comparison: Nissan Altima vs. Subaru Legacy
  54. GM sells shuttered Ohio plant to EV truck start-up
  55. UK Plug-In EV Car Market Share Increased To Record 4.4% In October
  56. After 61 Years, Autoweek Prints Last Issue, Becomes Web Only Blog
  57. October 2019 Multi-brand Sales Estimates
  58. Retired UAW Vice President Indicted
  59. QOTD: “The only reason we’re here is that we have no choice."
  60. Electric solar car packs Tesla-beating range with the energy of a kettle
  61. Close Aide to UAW President Charged With Multiple Criminal Counts
  62. GM Safety Program Elevates Repair To Major Recall
  63. China to Get Full Access to Foreign IP and Data
  64. EV Executive Doug Parks now head of Purchasing & Product Development
  65. GM 3Q 2019 Financials
  66. Three UAW Members Fired by GM for Making Bomb Threats and Damaging A.GM Vehicle
  67. Apple Co-Founder: ‘I've Really Given Up' on Level Five
  68. How Male-Focused Crash Testing Puts Female Drivers at Risk
  69. Another High-Ranking (now retired) UAW Official Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges
  70. UAW Striker Hit and Killed by a Vehicle
  71. Auto workers deserve better than UAW's bogus deal
  72. Hummer may return as electric truck brand, report says
  73. WSJ Editorial: The Price of the Union at GM
  74. GM Workers Staying on Strike as Members Vote on New Contract
  75. GM and UAW reach tentative agreement to end month-long strike
  76. 2020 Lincoln Aviator vs. 2020 Cadillac XT6 Comparison
  77. Two Former UAW Communications Directors call for UAW Board to Resign
  78. The 10 best-selling SUVs and crossovers in Canada in 2019's first half
  79. Dealer Strategist Advises On Stocking Sedan Models
  80. GM Q3/September Sales Results
  81. "Confrontational, obstructionist bargaining as a success strategy is dead."
  82. Article States GM Has 1 Million Units Of Excess Production Capacity
  83. General Motors to Bring Amazon Alexa to Millions of Vehicles
  84. Insider Opinion On GM-UAW Strike
  85. GM Obtains Court Order Against UAW Pickets in Tennessee
  86. Most Americans Aren't Interested In Electric Vehicles
  87. GM CEO Mary Barra Says Company Aims to Sell 1 Million EVs a Year
  88. Another High Ranking UAW Official Charged
  89. 15 Years Ago: Hummer H2 By G.B. Trudeau
  90. Cover Story: GM’s Mary Barra Bets Big on an Electric, Self-Driving Future
  91. Amazon Wants 100,000 New Vans - GM, Ford or Ram?
  92. Striking UAW Members Arrested
  93. GM dumped health care for striking workers. That poured gas on fire, expert says
  94. Excellent Opinion Article on Why Top UAW Officials Chose to Strike
  95. Trump administration revokes California’s authority to set auto mileage standards
  96. GM August 2019 Sales Estimates
  97. Senior UAW Official Under Felony Indictment is Involved in Contract Negotiations
  98. UAW leader says GM could have avoided strike: Here's how
  99. GM says offer to striking UAW included Detroit plant rescue, Ohio battery plant
  100. GM stocks up on vehicles amid strike threat
  101. GM recalls more than 3.4M pickups, SUVs to fix brake issues
  102. GM's South Korean workers to strike amid wage talks
  103. GM: We encourage employees, dealers to tattle after ignition switch crisis
  104. August 2019 sales
  105. American Made, Hand Built Vehicle For $50,945?
  106. GM hires Google to make infotainment system
  107. GM appoints Wahl as first global chief marketing officer since 2012
  108. Aussie August sales strong growth for Chinese/Premium Brands
  109. Video: We Put Rear Wheel Steering Through a Battery of Tests!
  110. Opinion: I want BMW to buy Jaguar Land Rover
  111. GM Is Now Detroit’s Smallest Auto-Making Employer
  112. Update: GM's Former SUV Factory Featured In "American Factory"
  113. GM Trademarks ZRX
  114. Jim Dunne, Master Spy Photographer, 1932-2019
  115. GM July 2019 Approximate Sales Figures
  116. Lincoln and Cadillac pin hopes on big crossovers
  117. OnStar Service Can't Unlock Car with Child Inside
  118. Motor 1: Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra Could Get Major Interior Update For 2021
  119. New Cars Most Owners Give Up Within the First Year
  120. Lincoln and Cadillac Are Still Cool Cars in China
  121. Lawsuit says GM sold trucks not compatible with U.S. diesel fuel
  122. CAMI gets temp layoffs and Mexico looses a shift as Equinox sales slow
  123. Elon's Crystal Ball
  124. V2V Cyber Attacks?
  125. GM Financials Show Company on Path to become Most Profitable Automaker
  126. Trucks give GM earnings increase in second quarter
  127. GM is halting production at a 78-year-old Detroit-area plant this week
  128. GM Future May Not Include Many Cars: AN Future Product Report
  129. Automotive Supplier to Build $55 Million Assembly Plant in Detroit
  130. GM's Cruise autonomous car company postpones self-driving taxi launch
  131. Detroit News Story on Youngstown/Lordstown
  132. GM Supplier to close Nemak Windsor plant
  133. Uaw, gm open 2019 contract talks
  134. 2020 C8 Corvette ordering guide
  135. GM recalls 160,000 pickup trucks in Canada for fire risks, nothing announced in US ye
  136. ZF Intelligently Designs New Generation 8-speed Automatic Transmission for Hybrid Dri
  137. Continental presents 48V full-hybrid system; motor delivers up to 30 kW
  138. Canada's 5 best-selling auto brands 2019 - Chevrolet -18%
  139. UK: 'lektrik Sales Plunge
  140. Lee Iacocca passed away at 94
  141. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Pickups Each Gain 12 Percent in
  142. Trucks, SUVs can't stop 2019 sales slides
  143. NHTSA & EPA Blink at Reality
  144. GM investing $20M in Texas plant for next-gen SUVs
  145. Baojun RC-6 Sedan-Coupe-Crossover For China
  146. GM engineers hid secret tailgate in storage room for 2 years
  147. Bob Lutz on Design: GM vs. Ford
  148. Philly Refinery Blows Up
  149. What’s Old Is New Again – The Return Of The Inline-Six
  150. GM seeks to avoid Takata recalls for fourth straight year
  151. Drug Cartel Mistakenly Sends $4.5M Of Meth To Canadian Ford Dealerships
  152. GM CEO Mary Barra on the painful jobs transition
  153. GM’s race to outflank Tesla may be stalling out
  154. GM Is Thinking About Building an Electric Hummer
  155. Vietnam Builds Cars Now
  156. Former GM Exec Tells What It Took To Improve Quality
  157. Ford Expected To Lead Upcoming Parade Of New Models
  158. Huawei with automakers to launch self-driving cars by 2021
  159. VFACTS: The Aussie car is no more
  160. Cool Marketing: VW Says Have A Question? Ask An Actual Owner.
  161. Car and Driver Writer Goes Missing
  162. Estimated GM Sales; May 2019
  163. GM Talks Electric Pickups, Again
  164. Ruess comments on C8 Corvette encrypted ECU
  165. GM Receives Patent for 8, 9 and 10 Speed DCT Transmission
  166. GM Responds To NYT Lordstown Plant Cover Story
  167. GM, Michelin Team Up On Airless Tire
  168. Day 1: Rebirth At Volkswagen
  169. GM Driverless Car Petition: NHTSA
  170. Surprise: GM & FCA Agree To Buy Tesla EV Credits
  171. 2020 Cadillac CT4-V Is Larger Outside, Smaller Inside Than ATS
  172. Shares of GM plunge, because they have major production in Mexico
  173. GM and Bechtel plan to build thousands of car charging stations across the US
  174. Speculation: A GM and Ford merger?
  175. GM Oshawa 2.0 marks a first for the automaker
  176. GM’s Barra is highest-paid woman executive
  177. GM 2020: Fleet Model Guide Published
  178. How Horacio Pagani Saved the Lamborghini Countach
  179. 25 Fun Sports Cars That Are Surprisingly Cheap
  180. GM sets its price on carbon fiber truck box
  181. Motley Fool Financial Report Card for GM
  182. Why So Many Carmakers Use ZF's Eight-Speed Automatic
  183. Japanese automakers tout US-based jobs at all-time high
  184. GM’s car-sharing service Maven to exit eight cities
  185. General Motors Unveils All-New Electronic Platform
  186. Subprime Bites: Auto-Loan Delinquencies Spike
  187. 2020 Silverado / Sierra Online Order Guide
  188. GM Inventory Numbers 05-01-2019
  189. Cadillac CT4-V, CT5-V Set For May 30 Debut
  190. GM Oshawa workers could get up to C$150K, vehicle voucher to retire
  191. PSA looking to buy Jaguar Land Rover
  192. The potential saviour of a General Motors plant has big problems
  193. Drive A Stick? Lock Your Doors? VW Says Why Bother!
  194. Trump's 'great news' lands with a thud on abandoned GM plant floor
  195. Workhorse: Lordstown Sold to EV pickup truck maker
  196. GM to keep Oshawa plant alive, preserving 300 jobs
  197. GM Cruise autonomous vehicle unit gets $1.15B investment
  198. FCA Reports Lower Q1 Results
  199. 5 Spectacular automotive sales flops in Canada
  200. GM recalls trucks due to engine block heater cord fires
  201. General Motors in talks with state over $1 Billion expansion at Wentzville plant
  202. GM's board is becoming feminine the Auto Industry's First
  203. Ford vs. Chevy debate ignites shooting
  204. GM Confirms that EV Pick up is Coming
  205. GM earnings off 11.5% amid restructuring and softer sales
  206. Cruze Plant Fallout: Falcon Transport Drivers Cease Driving Immediately After Closure
  207. Should Cadillac Emulate Tesla With CT5 New OTA Capability?
  208. GM Canada: A 100-year history of benefitting from taxpayer dollars
  209. Auto Imports from Mexico Surge, Despite Dropping Sales
  210. And ANOTHER Airbag Recall
  211. Motor City Waymo Factory
  212. GM Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Transmission Problem
  213. Gas prices hit $4.70 per gallon in California
  214. GM CEO Barra was top-paid Detroit auto executive in 2018
  215. Top Michigan CEOs made 300 times more than employees
  216. GM Estimated Inventory Numbers: 04-01-2019
  217. GM Talks With Amazon-Backed Electric Truckmaker May Be Dead
  218. QOTD: Fund Manager On Tesla "The Wheels Are Falling Off"
  219. Documentary on the fallout of GM plant closure could be prophetic
  220. Obama administration debated if GM, Chrysler should stay in Detroit
  221. These Are The 26 Slowest Selling Vehicles in America!
  222. Trump threatens Mexico auto tariffs
  223. Carmageddon for GM, Fiat-Chrysler, Toyota
  224. GM vows to remain largest employer in Oshawa despite loss of manufacturing jobs
  225. GM Executives Closed Ohio Plant Despite Concessions from U.S. Workers
  226. GM to Invest $300 Million, Add 400 Jobs at Michigan Plant for New Chevrolet Electric
  227. As Truck Prices Rise, Driver Loyalty Declines, Survey Finds
  228. GM makes $300 million investment to produce new Chevrolet EV based on Bolt EV
  229. 2019 GM 3.0L I6 Diesel Rated at 277hp and 460lb-ft
  230. IIHS Passenger Side Small Overlap Crash Test Results for Pickup Trucks
  231. What About US? GM Invests $2.65 Billion In Brazil, Secures 65,000 Jobs
  232. GM Management caved to hedge fund managers' demands: Report
  233. GM, union enter negotiations to save jobs in Canada
  234. John DeLorean Biopic Hits Theaters This Summer
  235. Trump calls GM's CEO Mary Barra in push to reopen Ohio auto plant
  236. SUVs dominate list of vehicles that last 200,000-plus miles
  237. 2019 J.D. Power Customer Service Index
  238. GM to possibly sell Lordstown Assembly?
  239. GM is doubling the staff for its self-driving car business
  240. Did Investor "Leak" Photo Of New Tesla "S"?
  241. Workers at Ohio GM plant put in their final shift
  242. GM Sales February 2019
  243. GM to lay off about 80 Pontiac Metal Center workers
  244. More GM Layoffs in Ohio
  245. Court rejects attempt to keep Ghosn in custody after he wins bail
  246. Top Auto Writer Buys A Tesla Model 3: The Good & The Bad
  247. Blazer vs. Edge: C&D Comparo; Not bad, but not great
  248. 2019 Ford 3.5 vs GMC 6.2 vs Ram 5.7eT: Most Efficient Towing Truck in America
  249. Is Musk Trying To Drive Down Tesla Stock $ To Do A Buy-Out?
  250. Alan Batey to leave GM, other executives shuffled