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  1. FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne; 1952-2018
  2. Own A 2015+ GM Vehicle? Now You Can Rent It To The Public
  3. Detroit Auto Show Moves to June in 2020
  4. NADA Pricing Guide for 2019 Silverado and Sierra
  5. QOTD: "This thing is magnificent, a little rainbow-farting space ship."
  6. QOTD: “What is that thing you keep moving up there?”
  7. 700 Club — 710-hp McLaren meets 755-hp 'Vette
  8. Musk Rips GM Execs In Extensive BW Tesla Motors Cover Story
  9. Report States Ford Fusion Will Become Subaru Outback Type Vehicle
  10. Edmunds Asks – Do You Really Need All That Electric Range?
  11. Due to Product Launch-Many GM Managers are working on Independence Day
  12. GM Q2 2018 Sales Up 4.6%, 758,376 Units Sold
  13. GM Commited To Diesel, Hints At New Three- And Four-Cylinder Units
  14. GM Warns U.S. Import Tariffs Could Lead To 'Smaller' Company, Fewer Jobs
  15. Ford Says Enough: Fires Back At Tesla Comments
  16. GM to transfer Vietnam operation to Vingroup's car unit
  17. GM Files Trademark for AV1
  18. GM cuts Lordstown crew but boosts plant in Mexico
  19. Truck rewind: 1987 chevy blazer xt-1 concept with 4-wheel steering – what?!
  20. Report: Heavy duty trucks to get 8-speed automatic transmissions in 2020
  21. Trump threatens 20% tariff on all car imports from the EU
  22. When Will China Build Cars In U.S.?
  23. GM adjusts executive roles for Ammann, Reuss
  24. Prediction: Auto Industry Headed For Financial Pile-Up as EV Sales Disappoint
  25. Automakers improve quality to record level in annual survey
  26. Germany’s Largest Auto Makers Back Abolition of EU-U.S. Car Import Tariffs
  27. Mercedes? BMW? Nope. Winners in J. D. Power quality survey will surprise you
  28. VW, Ford confirm talks on possible commercial vehicle tie-up
  29. Ford set up JLR for success before 2008 sale
  30. The new defination of "Hot": A pickup truck with no incentives.
  31. European Sales Flat in May; PSA up 58% on Opel-Vauxhall; Jeep Demand Doubles
  32. GM Stock Jumps On Report Of Possible Cruise Share Action
  33. GM names Dhivya Suryadevara CFO to replace retiring Chuck Stevens
  34. Legendary Engine Manufacturer Cosworth Aiming For IPO In 2019
  35. GM finally finds friends on Wall Street
  36. GM Teams With Honda To Develop Next-Gen Advanced Battery
  37. Cadillac Super Cruise expanding to entire lineup/GM vehicles in 2020
  38. The Battle for Best Semi-Autonomous System: Tesla Autopilot Vs. GM SuperCruise
  39. Lots of Lithium; Not Enough Mines
  40. It's Official: We Have A Pickup Truck Sales War; Discounts Up To $16,000!
  41. GM Executive crashes Corvette ZR1 Indy Pace car
  42. Report: GM May Sales Up 12%; Stunning Month For Silverado - Up 23%
  43. UPDATE: FCA 5-Year Plan - Jeep, Ram Get Focus; More To Follow
  44. 2019 MCE Ford Fusion Not Going Out Without A Fight; Gains New Standard Content
  45. GM gets Softbank investment for driverless car program
  46. Report: FIAT May Exit US - Alfa Romeo & Maserati May Combine Operations
  47. GM Gets Ready for a Post-Car Future
  48. GM's Barra on China's tariffs: Level playing fields or 'open up the markets'
  49. JLR to spend $5.3 billion on new models, tech
  50. Marchionne plans sweeping FCA production shift in Italy, report says
  51. Mobileye car ignores red light at self-drive event
  52. Tesla Model 3 Makes C&D Top 10 List; But Not The Good Kind
  53. GM May Also Exit the American Car Market, Morgan Stanley Says
  54. GM Korea: New Asia-Pacific HQ (minus China), 10-year 'lock-in' agreed upon
  55. Auros: Putin’s New Limo Unveiled at Inauguration
  56. Barra: GM supports modernizing CAFE
  57. 2019 General Motors Product Guide: ATS Sedan Is Missing
  58. Did anyone notice? Last Ford Focus/C-Max Roll Off U.S. Production Line
  59. QOTD: "This is not your father’s General Motors."
  60. Brabham Name Returns To The Track With BT62 Supercar
  61. Press Release: Design Technology Leads GM into Next Generation of Vehicle Lightweight
  62. Tesla Stock Down $24 In PMT; Musk May Have Gone Too Far This Time
  63. Baojun 360 MPV Is An Estate That Wants To Be A Minivan
  64. At Ford, scrapping sedans is too easy, and a mistake
  65. Pruitt defends decision to ease fuel economy standards
  66. GM positions OnStar as revenue center, brand builder
  67. Report: GM April Sales Fall Approx 2.75%; Major Decline In Incentive Spending Noted
  68. QOTD: "“I’m not sleeping on the (factory) floor...I’m too old for that crap.”
  69. Ram Pickup May Have April Sales Juiced By Loaner Fleet Additions
  70. GM Getting Serious About Hydrogen with GM Defense
  71. GM won’t follow Ford, FCA on sedan cuts — yet
  72. GM profit dips on truck changeover, but beats estimates
  73. GM CEO Comments On Future Of GM Sedan Products
  74. Steer Clear: New Cars To Avoid For 2018
  75. S.Hill To Add Output of Acadia/XT5; New Holden Model & XT6?
  76. Interesting Build & Price: The New Ford Focus
  77. GM, Korean union reach tentative agreement on wages, workers
  78. Ford Mustang Is The Best Selling Sports Car In The World, Again
  79. Cadillac sales up 68% Chevrolet sales up 52% in March as GM shine in China
  80. 15 car models Americans didn’t want to buy in 2017
  81. Musk Says Tesla Will Go 24/7 On Model 3; 6,000 by June; 400+ New Emp/Week
  82. Lutz Reminds Reader GM Was First In Space With A Vehicle
  83. China to allow full foreign ownership in auto industry
  84. Sales Of Sub/Compact Cars Collapse As Gas Prices Rise
  85. GM Summons 3,000 Lordstown Employees to Meeting on 4/13/18
  86. Why Bob Lutz still thinks dealerships are doomed
  87. GM Korea future hangs by a thread as 16-year foray risks folding
  88. Use Gasoline? Trump May Allow Sale Of E15 All Year Round
  89. How a handwritten note got a man a dream car named Matilda
  90. The steadily disappearing American car
  91. QOTD: “The market is realizing maybe GM and Ford aren’t a bunch of idiots.”
  92. Courtship begins for Chinese brands
  93. EPA, automakers agree on revised fuel economy standards
  94. GM March 2018 Sales Up 15.7%; 296,341 Units Sold
  95. GM to stop reporting U.S. sales monthly, switches to quarterly release
  96. Do Automakers "Optimize" Vehicles For Media Testing?
  97. Cadillac to Corvette: You’re not getting our twin-turbo V8 engine
  98. UPDATE: Tesla Goes For 2500 To Prove "Haters" Wrong
  99. GM Has A "Secret" Museum: 6400 Center Drive
  100. GM says South Korean unit will file for bankruptcy if no union concessions
  101. Stat of The Day: 80% of This American Vehicles Sales Are Over $81,000
  102. Rare: New Compact Car Manual Trans w/Rev Matching Introduced
  103. BMW M5 vs. Cadillac CTS-V, Mercedes-AMG E63 S, Porsche Panamera Turbo
  104. Ford buying Michigan Central Station: What we know and don't know
  105. BREAKING: Uber Suspends Autonomous Testing After Fatality
  106. GM to invest $100 million to upgrade facilities to build self-driving cars
  107. Ford Teases The 2020 Bronco + Text Of "Ford Uncovered"
  108. SOTD: 25% Of Michigan Made Ford Mustangs Are Exported Overseas
  109. "More macho, more power, less flower"; VW Looks To Kill Off Iconic Beetle
  110. Here's How The U.S. Army Tests The Humvee's Replacement
  111. Incentive Alert: Lamborghini & McLaren Owners Qualify For GM Conquest
  112. Why driverless cars are further off than we think
  113. 30 Billion Dollars Later; VW CEO Says Diesels Will Be Back...Soon
  114. This is why a GMC Sierra makes more sense than a Toyota Prius
  115. GM February 2018 Sales Down 6.9%; 220,905 units sold
  116. Bosch shuns battery cell production in blow to Europe
  117. GM Korea sees 'positive signal' as union talks to resume this week
  118. Consumer Reports Brand Report Card
  119. GM cutback in car production at Oshawa plant to be extended
  120. The Exorcist Top Speed Test
  121. Sport Auto: Best Handling Cars 2018
  122. GM brings Maven car-sharing startup to Canada
  123. GM to close 1 of 4 plants in South Korea
  124. Ford Bans Employee Sales Of Expedition/Navigator; Rushes to increase production.
  125. GM Korea becomes latest cost target
  126. GM Staying Put on Korea
  127. General Motors beats expectations on strong crossover sales and cost control
  128. How GM Improves Margins In A Stagnating Midsize Pickup Truck Market
  129. Car prices rise in mediocre month for sales
  130. FCA USA U.S. Sales January 2018
  131. Ford U.S. Sales January 2018
  132. GM U.S. Sales January 2018
  133. Auto sales: GM, Toyota up; Ford, FCA drop
  134. The Unlikely Technology Helping Autonomous Cars See
  135. Who's Driving? Autonomous Cars May Be Entering The Most Dangerous Phase"
  136. BREAKING: Feds Say FCA Officials Paid To Sway UAW Contract Negotiations
  137. Weekend Read: GM & The Michigan Heart Program
  138. GM avoids $1B stock payment over secret settlement
  139. Jeep tops J.D. Power Vehicle Dependability Study in China in 2017
  140. GAC faces D.C. opposition to US vehicles imports
  141. GM expects flat 2018 earnings, projects growth in 2019
  142. In Progress? The Death of The American Car
  143. GM Is Seeking Approval For An Autonomous Car That Has No Steering Wheel Or Pedals
  144. R&T Publishes Quality Review/Photos On Tesla Model 3
  145. Barra: Our Ev's will turn a profit Inside of Three Years
  146. Despite Trump threats, vehicle imports from Mexico hit an all-time high
  147. Oregon's Freak-Out Over Pumping Your Own Gas....
  148. Yes, GMC made a V12 engine. And it was huge
  149. GM U.S. Sales December 2017
  150. Genovation Cars to show Corvette-based EV at CES
  151. The Genovation GXE is an 800-hp electric Corvette
  152. "I Got A Tesla For Christmas!
  153. GM Patents Twincharged Engine With At Least 10:1 Compression
  154. GM Trademark - Multibed
  155. GM's next-century truck
  156. GM plant in Oshawa won't produce redesigned 2019 GMC Sierra, Chevy Silverado
  157. 2018 Car of the Year: Which Car Will Win?
  158. Why Is Ford (Possibly) Ending Fusion Production? CUV FE & LT Loans
  159. Scrooge GM: "Don't put antlers and red nose on your ride".
  160. GM’s ‘purse and purpose’ past gets radical re-do
  161. BREAKING: Report Says Ford To End North American Production Of Fusion
  162. Drivers still key as GM heads to driverless future
  163. GM Canada proposing first of its kind renewable energy project
  164. Saab is back,
  165. GM Turning its Cars into Webstores
  166. GM prototypes milestones
  167. Electric Vehicles, not going over that well in Canada.
  168. GM to launch autonomous cars in big cities sometime in 2019
  169. Exclusive: PSA Seeks Opel Refund From GM Over CO2 Emissions
  170. Motor Trend Person, Truck, SUV & Car of The Year: GM, Ford, Honda, Alfa Romeo
  171. LA Auto Show: Barra, Alfa rule Motor Trend Awards
  172. General Motors May Hack Off Yet Another Global Arm As South Korean Business Suffers
  173. Buick & Chevy Minivans coming?
  174. GM CEO Barra Answers Question About Apparent Upcoming "GM JetPak"
  175. Industry First Variable Compression Engine
  176. Pontiac Solstice & Tesla Model 3: Born From Same Pen
  177. 2019 SCG 004S: This Is Glickenhaus's Volume Road/Race Car
  178. As Mustang Sales In US Slow; Factory Keeps Humming On International Sales
  179. GM recalls trucks to fix potential fuel leaks
  180. GM Teases Electric Crossover Built on Chevy Bolt Platform
  181. GM promises 1 million EVs worldwide by 2026
  182. Tax-credit loss would hurt sales of affordable EVs
  183. Bob Lutz: Kiss the good times goodbye
  184. QOTD: "How soon before the Tesla bubble is burst?"
  185. 2018 Performance Car of The Year
  186. FBI Investigation: UAW, GM, Ford Execs
  187. BREAKING: Rep Tax Proposal Eliminates $7500 Hybrid/BEV Tax Credit
  188. GM Canada auto sales rise 26.5 pct in October
  189. Ford October 2017 Sales Up 6.2%; Lincoln Down 1.8%
  190. GM October 2017 Sales Down 2.2%
  191. A Look Back: What Went Wrong With The Tesla Model X Production Ramp Up
  192. GM settles California suit over alleged defects concealment
  193. Ford Celebrates 100 Years of Trucks
  194. Ford posts $1.6B third quarter profit, up 63%
  195. General Motors Co shares rally as automaker sheds dinosaur image
  196. GM Cruises Past Third-Quarter Earnings, Sales Estimates
  197. GM CEO Seems To Question Demand For Electric Cars
  198. GM to pay out $120M in ignition switch settlement
  199. GM was days from closing CAMI
  200. NM Holiday Car Is Only $885,375.00 - But It's Buy One, Get One Free!!
  201. Report: VW To Shift Golf Production From Mexico To Germany
  202. Carmakers rattled by Trump NAFTA demands
  203. Toledo Questions Jeep Maintenance Costs
  204. GM To Shut D/HAM For 6 Weeks; Cut Line Speed When Restarted
  205. Old GM Problem Returns: Excess Capacity. Execs Looking At 2 Plants
  206. "Teflon Tesla": Musk Fires Back At WSJ; Stock Up $12
  207. General Motors has political problem as it tries to cut costs/deal with excess capaci
  208. New GM product segment will focus on military
  209. GM to buy sensor-tech firm Strobe to speed up self-driving car push
  210. Tesla Attacks WSJ Over Article About Model 3 Production Problems; Truck Intro Delayed
  211. GM’s Design Chief is Primed for the Transportation Revolution
  212. Incentive Alert: Chevrolet Lease Programs
  213. Ford September 2017 Sales Up 8.7%; Lincoln Up 0.1%
  214. Boom! GM Sept Sales Up 12% YOY; Stock Opens Up Another 4%
  215. Report: GM Will Go All Electric, Will Ditch Gas And Diesel
  216. Report: Tesla Model 3 Production Just 16% Of 3rd Quarter Goal @ 260 Units
  217. GM Outlines All-Electric Path to Zero Emissions
  218. GM Confirms Self-Driving Cars Coming "well ahead of competitors"; Stock Jumps 4%
  219. BREAKING: GM Plans To Compete With Lyft & Uber With Own Trans Service
  220. Tesla Cash Burn May Reach $10+ Billion This Year; "Unprecedented" States Analyst
  221. Spring Hill to loose shift; POSSIBLY gain Cadillac XT6
  222. As many as 255 GM Canada workers to be laid off in St. Catharines
  223. 2017 Best Driver’s Car contenders by Motortrend
  224. What If "Owning" A Car Was Like Leasing A Cellphone?
  225. GM’s CAMI Canadian Workers Are Striking to Stop More Jobs Going to Mexico
  226. GM shows hand in autonomous vehicle race
  227. Why Did General Motors Report Such a Significant August 2017 Sales Gain?
  228. GM, three FCA brands skip Frankfurt auto show
  229. World's largest new car market may be going electric . . .
  230. The story of NAFTA, as told from a Canadian auto plant in Mexico
  231. 'Sticker shock' for Harvey victims: Used-car prices at record highs
  232. GM's Canada vehicle sales rise 28.5% in August
  233. August 2017 Sales - Ford -2.1%
  234. GM Design Will Double Studio Space
  235. Automakers, dealers assess Harvey destruction in Texas
  236. GM Files Trademark for Montana
  237. IHS Cadillac (China) Production Forecast
  238. Millennial Americans are Moving to the 'Burbs, Buying Big SUVs
  239. GM thwarts plaintiffs’ $1B accord with old GM trust
  240. GM suspends exec charged in FCA-UAW scandal
  241. Profit-rich pickups, SUVs may catch break
  242. GM accuses bankruptcy trust of secret $1B stock plot
  243. BREAKING: Chinese Automakers Looking At Potential Purchase of FCA; 1 Offer Rejected
  244. GM Recalling Nearly 800,000 Pickups Worldwide
  245. Ford gets downgraded on rising SUV competition from GM
  246. Watch & Share With Your Family
  247. BREAKING: Toyota May Aquire 5% Of Mazda; Build Joint USA Plant
  248. GM's Bolt signals innovation in supplier contracts
  249. GM launches $5,300 electric car in China
  250. GM Exec Reaffirms Company Commitment To Diesels