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  1. Top cash-back car deals
  2. GM's Biggest Foe Could Be Time
  3. GM Ad Cuts moving focus to car launches
  4. The new rules of car buying
  5. Auto suppliers could be next to seek federal loans
  6. GM chops 2009 vehicle sales outlook
  7. Ford replaces Opel as Europe's No. 2 brand
  8. Driving A Gas Guzzler? It May Be Worth $4500 More As Congress Considers New Program
  9. Official: Saab can survive
  10. Mulally: Car Czar should keep hands off product decisions
  11. WSJ: The Hot New Car Is Your Old Car; "The 3 year ownership mentality has crumbled."
  12. Fisker Karma: Powered by Ecotec
  13. Lutz Flys Coach!
  14. GM Executive: Europe Auto Industry Could See 'Forced' Consolidation
  15. Wagoner: Bankruptcy filing still possible
  16. GM Plays Brand Favorites
  17. Saab, Volvo Must Be 'Carved Out' To Win Aid-Swedish Official
  18. Vue hybrids bound for D.C.
  19. Jag Debuts 510HP XKRs...
  20. GM picks S. Korea's LG Chem to make Volt batteries
  21. VIDEO: Nardelli Says Electric Push Proof Chrysler `Alive, Well'
  22. GM to Build Lithium-Ion Battery Plant to Supply Plug-In Volt
  23. GM exec says automaker may need more gov't money
  24. What the hell does he mean by "new generation of products?"
  25. Mark LaNeve Discusses the Future of Mid-size, Small and Car-based Trucks at GM
  26. GM Secured $15 Billion in Liquidity-Boosting Measures
  27. Watch: GMI Interview With Ed Welburn
  28. Volt Continues To Impact Toyota's Plans.
  29. Rumored: Beat @ NAIAS Testing Waters For Possible US Launch
  30. General Motors Achieves Record Sales in Asia Pacific in 2008
  31. Nearly Three-Quarters of New Car Shoppers Prefer to Buy American-Made Products
  32. Did UAW Agree to partially fund VEBA with GM stock in last contract?
  33. No cuts, CAW boss urges UAW
  34. UAW strike would put automakers in default of federal loans
  35. Bad News For Saab: GM Sees No Potential Buyers
  36. GM CEO 'confident' of winning UAW concessions
  37. Wagoner-Chrysler Merger "Put Aside" & GM can survive without cutting retiree benefits
  38. Dare we call it the 'Truth in Truck Sales'
  39. Consumer Interest in Large Vehicles Increases: New and Used
  40. GM Consultant Says GM Shouldn't Emulate Toyota
  41. " German car market shrinks to new low in 2008 "
  42. Presidents New Ride
  43. Did Gm Just 'Save The Day' For Hybrid Sales In DEC 2008 ?
  44. GM and Chysler might not need more cash after the 17.4 billion is given.
  45. Merkin to step down as chairman of GMAC
  46. How To Find Out If You Qualify For A GM Topped-Off Bonus Offer
  47. The road ahead: What to expect in 2009
  48. Consumer Reports Comes To The Aid Of The Detroit 3
  49. December Incentives Set Record, Estimates
  50. Just Got The New Incentives
  51. Top 20 selling vehicles in U.S. through December
  52. How "Affordable" is Your Affordable Small Car?
  53. GM Mails Loyalty Bonus Cash Information
  54. GM concession talks begin.
  55. It's Not The Union; It's The Economy Stupid!
  56. NYT Editorial Page: G.M.ís Secret Success
  57. Big drop expected for Dec. car sales
  58. GMAC gives up exclusive rights
  59. GM sells Taiwanese joint venture for 3 cents!!
  60. Visteon to shift salaried workers to 4 day week, cut pay 20%
  61. Gm gets its $4 Billion, Chrysler Waits...
  62. Now Bailfund Funds for Firms "Important to Making or Financing Cars"
  63. Consolidate Big Three to One?
  64. Barack Obama, car guy - how he can save the U.S. auto industry
  65. Eliica Eight-Wheeled Electric Car: Heading To Production Because The Tesla Isn't Fast
  66. GM Announces New Loan Financing
  67. Chrysler Faces Criticism for Full-Page 'Thank You' Ads
  68. America's 10 Least Expensive Vehicles
  69. Breaking: GMAC To Get $6 Billion
  70. Fusion Hybrid Production To Be Constrained; Beats Camry Hybrid In C&D Comp Test
  71. Wagoner up for "Michiganian of the Year"
  72. GM to sell or close Saab by March?
  73. GM & Chrysler Look to Shed Dealers
  74. GM ranks #1, 2...21 Dumbest Moments in Business - 2008
  75. Ethanol industry wants a bailout.
  76. GM sues bankrupt supplier Cadence over parts, Camaro at risk
  77. L.A. Times: Industry woes leave car design students stranded
  78. UAW busting, Southern style
  79. Federal Reserve lets GMAC tap bailout fund
  80. The Real Bailout That's Needed
  81. How Detroit Can Make Me Buy A Car In '09
  82. Commentary: Maybe it's time to turn the tables on the South
  83. Last Vehicle Rolls off General Motors' Oldest Plant
  84. GM Sales Chief Sticks By Saturn, Promises Aggressive Incentives In January
  85. 2010 Fusion Hybrid Gets EPA Certification @ 41/36 mpg; Tops Camry Hybrid By 8 mpg
  86. Riots Erupt in Russia Over Imported Car Tariffs
  87. BBC responds to Tesla's Top Gear complaints
  88. Newsweek On Wagoner: "He's been clueless for years."; WardsAuto Has Another Opinion
  89. Americans back auto bailout - for now
  90. General Motors Boosts Incentives For Military & College Buyers; Up To $3000 Bonus
  91. GM shares dive amid concern over equity
  92. Lingering bailout questions: Futures of GMAC, Saturn, Cerberus are still unclear
  93. What About The Dealers?
  94. Auto package won't save Canadian jobs: Hargrove
  95. Main Stream Media: 10 Reasons To SAVE BIG 3
  96. The "Real Deal" Bush's Bridge to Bankruptcy
  97. " Even Used Cars Are Slumping "
  98. Givebacks in Bush plan rile UAW
  99. Canada does it's share.
  100. Even with aid, Chrysler is considered vulnerable
  101. " Honda CEO warns strong yen to cripple Japan industry "
  102. UAW seeks to remove 'unfair conditions' to bailout, even as they praises rescue plan
  103. Cerberus to Give Up Chrysler Auto Equity for Loans
  104. What's on the line for the UAW
  105. Canada to unveil auto plan of its own on Saturday
  106. Breaking: GM/Chrysler To Get $17.4 Billion In US Loans
  107. GM and Chrysler seen near loan deal
  108. " Destroying what the United Auto Workers built "
  109. Hey, You Senators: Thanks for Nothing
  110. Greta Van Susteren: Mulally interview
  111. GM releases turbo upgrade kit for Solstice GXP, Sky Redline and HHR SS
  112. 2009 North American Car/Truck Of The Year Finalists Announced; Korean Vehicle On List
  113. GM's Heritage Center to auction off near-classics in bid to raise cash for automaker
  114. Bush Considering 'Orderly" Auto Bankruptcy
  115. GM Vows to Deliver Volt, Bailout or Not
  116. GM Unveils New Direct Injected 2.4L ECOTEC and 3.0L V6
  117. WSJ: Chrysler, GM Reopen Merger Talks; GM denies report
  118. GM to balance austerity, buzz at auto show
  119. Chrysler to idle ALL factories for at least a month
  120. Auto Bankruptcy Fears Are Overblown
  121. Sweden releases more details of huge auto bailout
  122. GM delays Mich factory that will build Volt engine
  123. BREAKING: GM delays Mich. factory that would build Volt and Cruze engine
  124. Honda Slashes Forecast as Sales Collapse, Yen Surges
  125. IIHS Reports Big Improvement In Small Car Safety; HHR, Astra Tops
  126. Auto Depression: Key Supplier Predicts Only 9 Million Sales - Lowest Level since WWII
  127. 10 Cars that could save Detroit
  128. Car deflation looms in 2009
  129. The Odds; 70% Gov. Backed Bankruptcy, 25% Bail Out
  130. White House plays down likelihood of immediate bailout for Detroit automakers
  131. GM Inventory Figures By Nameplate; Corporate Total Is 139 Days
  132. Do UAW Workers Actually Cost the Big Three Automakers $70 an Hour?
  133. Auto bailout could be announced by Wednesday
  134. Memo to the US Senate: Europe readies 33.67 Billion in aid - for auto suppliers
  135. China's BYD leapfrogs GM, Toyota with road-ready plug-in hybrid car
  136. GM In Bankruptcy - what it will look like
  137. US auto woes spell trouble for Japanese makers too
  138. Nation doesn't owe Michigan a dime - or does it?
  139. Mitch Albom: DC has blood on its hands.
  140. New hope for GMAC to raise capital
  141. Foreign automakers support Big 3 rescue
  142. White House offers lifeline to automakers
  143. Lutz: GM Needs Fewer Brands, More Marketing
  144. White House Promises Last-Ditch Auto Rescue
  145. GM's Mark LaNeve Writes To Owners
  146. Detroit Gets Access to Bailout Funds
  147. 22 Pounds of UAW Rules and Regulations
  148. Memo reveals the obvious: GOP planned to sink UAW
  149. Canadian Officials approve auto aid package worth about $3.5B
  150. Chrysler on the Ropes : COD from its Suppliers
  151. Some Good Automotive News: GM Reports Sales "Bump" For December
  152. Itís up to you Mr. President.....2nd Rant by The AutoExtremist(Dec.12th, 2008)
  153. Fox News-Dear Car Czar
  154. 'Big 3' look for Chinese medicine
  155. Breaking news: GM to cut production by 250,000 autos in early '09
  157. Treasury ready to prevent collapse of automakers
  158. Bush to consider using TARP
  159. Bailout Plan B is the President; "For God sakes, I hope the president acts,"
  160. Consider GM safe :Toyota says U.S. auto bankruptcy undesirable
  161. UAW statement on Senate's vote
  162. 10 Lies Pinhead Legislators Believe About the Auto Industry
  163. GM says it rejected bankruptcy after hiring advisers
  164. BREAKING: Auto Bailout talks Collapse over Union Wages
  165. GM Hires Advisors to Weigh a Bankruptcy Filing
  166. Another Round of Credit Crisis should GM Fail
  167. Lawyers to get $60M from deal in GM investor suit
  168. GOP Senator Warns of 'Riots' if Automakers Are Bailed Out
  169. Auto bailout stalls in Senate, GOP seeks UAW concessions
  170. American Driver: American Automotive Journalists don't support the US Auto Industry
  171. Time for U.S. automakers to be on equal tax footing
  172. If I Were the Car Czar -
  173. What to do from "Bailout" to Restructure
  174. Employers: No layoffs here
  175. Auto Woes: Legislation Won't Get People to Buy Cars
  176. Carbon Motors and the E7 Police Car: Birth of a new American carmarker
  177. Sweden Unveils SEK28 Billion Auto Industry Aid Package
  178. Breaking: House Approves Auto Bill
  179. Auto rescue bill opposed by GOP Senators; "Not enough Votes" to go along with House
  180. Saturn owners hope GM doesn't abandon them
  181. GM Eliminates Low Percentage Financing On MY08s; Adds $$$; 47 Trims Get $5000 Plus
  182. GMAC Fails to Meet Conditions to Convert to Bank
  183. NUMMI to Shut Down Production Line
  184. Vote on Auto Loan Package Unlikely Today - Tuesday
  185. Government Help "Last Chance" for Industry, Not Bailout: Pelosi
  186. Congressman Opposes Chrysler's Bid for Loans
  187. Iacocca says US auto execs shouldn't be ousted
  188. US Sales of Hybrids Down 50.4% in November
  189. Government Near Deal on $15 Billion Bailout
  190. The Bailout Draft
  191. Mr. Lutz: For the Defense
  192. "Viable Automakers Only" Says White House
  193. Evo MR vs G8 GXP
  194. UAW Seeks GM Board Seat in exchange for concessions
  195. GM's Lutz: No 'Sacrificial Lambs' In Bailout
  196. GM STATEMENT: "We acknowledge we have disappointed; Violated your trust; Lost focus"
  197. With 3 (actual) SUVs on the Altar, a Detroit Church Prays for Bailout
  198. Ward's 10 Best engines for 2009.
  199. GOP Threatens To Filibuster Auto Deal
  200. Senator calls for Chrysler merger, new CEO at GM
  201. Saab, Volvo not likely to change hands soon
  202. Bailout 101: Yesterday's Agreement Explained
  203. AN: Chrysler Operations In Chaos; Exit Of 5,000 Workers Creates Operations "Vacuum"
  204. GM vehicle death list is complicated
  205. BREAKING: Auto Bailout Agreement Reached!
  206. Detroit3 ask Canada for $6 Billion
  207. Return to $1 gas? Energy prices evaporate
  208. GM Cuts Cobalt, G5, Malibu, Impala, G6 & Aura Production
  209. GM to Lay Off thousands including Cobalt, G5, Malibu, G6 Workers
  210. Detroit Free Press Blasts Congress... And Sends them the paper
  211. GM Lordstown to lay off 900 more
  212. Auto bailout could be tied to gov't-run overhaul
  213. Wagoner admits to 'Plan B' for General Motors: Bankruptcy
  214. GM-Chrysler merger regains traction
  215. Warren Brown on " Detroit's Lesson in the Ways of Washington "
  216. One Down: Post Your Reaction To Today's Senate Hearing!
  217. GM, Chrysler Consider Bankruptcy in exchange for bailout
  218. " Ford's Mulally: GM Would Drag Entire Industry Into Bankruptcy "
  219. CEOparazzi? Far More than You Wanted to Know about Rick's Trip to Washington
  220. CBS News Video: A Tale of Two Factories
  221. MUST READ: 20 Year Old GM Memo Points To Problems That Figure In Today's Situation
  222. Is a Chinese Company Preparing to Buy General Motors?
  223. Reid: not enough votes to use the $700 Billion Wall Street bailout for Automakers
  224. Wagoner to drive Volt to Capitol
  225. Keith Olbermann rips NYT for $70/hr wage lie
  226. 61% of Americans oppose auto bailout
  227. UAW agrees to suspend Jobs Bank, delay VEBA payments
  228. Snapshot On GM Crisis
  229. Video: GM President Fritz Henderson Discusses why GMC should Stay On
  230. WSJ: Why GM is Doomed
  231. UAW plans emergency meeting Wednesday (today)
  232. UPDATE: GM Executive Clarifies Saab Statement
  233. Sweden ready to support but not buy Volvo, Saab
  234. "GM Says Negative Publicity Contributed To Nov Sales Decline"
  235. GM neeeds 12 billion to survive
  236. Gm To Sell Saab; Shrink Pontiac; May Sell Saturn; Will Cut 1/3 Of Nameplates By 2012
  237. GM NOVEMBER SALES FALL 41%; Saab Under 900 Units; Production Cuts Announced
  238. GM Ceasing Corporate Aviation Operations
  239. Confirmed: Rick Wagoner to Drive to Washington in Malibu Hybrid
  240. Opinion: Shared denial takes Big 3 to brink
  241. Text Of Ford Motor Company Business Plan To Congress
  242. Ford, GM, Chrysler Proposal Leaks: WSJ
  243. UAW considers reopening contracts, concessions to aid Big 3
  244. Buick/Opel Styling Merger
  245. Ghosn on Auto industry: Aid or massive job losses worldwide
  246. UAW president speaks out on limiting executive pay
  247. Own GM SmartNotesģ? Read This.
  248. GM board reviews new turnaround plan for bailout
  249. San Francisco Loses Its Only Remaining GM Dealership
  250. GM planning to unload European offices in a bid to raise cash