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  1. Midyear autos rebound unlikely
  2. Japan’s Vehicle Production Declines Most in 42 Years
  3. GM uncontrolled bankruptcy would be disaster: Ross
  4. Commentary: General Motors choking as global economy gasps
  5. China Says Carmakers Lack ‘Capability’ for Overseas Takeovers - Too Much to Handle
  6. Wagoner Meets With Auto Panel for Six Hours
  7. Two Toms, Two Utopias
  8. As GM posts Deep Loss, Auditors to Determine Whether Company Can Continue
  9. Consumer Reports Picks A GM Product As "Best In Class"
  10. What GM Can Learn from IBM
  11. US retail auto sales fall nearly 38 pct in Feb
  12. GM Posts Nearly $10B Loss in 4Q, Burned Through $6.2B in Cash
  13. GM beats Toyota,Honda, Nissan, Ford, and Chrysler in latest JD Powers Service survey
  14. Why Bankruptcy Court Could Be Where GM and Chrysler Merge
  15. Motortrend/Edmunds: 2009 Pontiac Solstice GXP Coupe
  16. VIDEO: Want to hear what Hennessey's ZR1-powered Camaro will sound like?
  17. GM Bankruptcy Could Mean $1.2B Taxpayer-Funded Bonanza for Bankers, Lawyers
  18. Proposed Ford/Uaw Ageeement - GM next?
  19. NYSE considers relaxing its one-dollar rule for companies like GM
  20. Officials disappointed by council's vote to reject Cobo expansion
  21. Delphi allowed to cut health care benefits for 15,000 retirees
  22. GM to build new small engine (Cruze, Volt) in existing factory
  23. Exec: Daimler not interested in Opel, Volvo or Saab
  24. Vette Museum Expansion Almost Complete
  25. Mexico Market Sales Down 28% - GM to temporarily shut down 3 plants in Mexico
  26. Auto Dealers Brace for Uncertain Times
  27. The Failures of Obama's Auto Bailout Adviser
  28. Rep. McCotter: GM, Chrysler Did What They Had to Do
  29. Silver Lining: Most-Hated Stocks Could Be First to Rebound
  30. Autosavant’s Saab Fanatic Weighs In On Reorganization
  31. Chrysler assets could be sold to Chinese carmaker
  32. GM explores various options for bankruptcy
  33. GM Plans Work Stoppages At Three Mexican Plants
  34. Forbes: Ford Shows GM The Way On Health Care
  35. GLK Has Clearly taken From Cadillac Design Cues
  36. Auto workers face more tough concessions
  37. Veteran to advise US auto industry task force
  38. UAW Agrees to Let Ford Use Equity for Health Fund
  39. Germany and Sweden play hardball with GM units
  40. GCM - GM/Chrysler to Merge to General Chrysler Motors, to sell Jeep to International?
  41. UAW, Ford Reach Tentative Deal on VEBA
  42. Car Advisory Board Favors Imports
  43. Dealers lobby statehouses for beefier franchise laws
  44. Senator McConnell: Ailing automakers not doing enough
  45. Beijing Auto mum on report it may bid for Chrysler
  46. Administration's Auto Task Force Has Few U.S. Cars
  47. Search for Bankruptcy Financing for GM Begins
  48. Economy Minister questions if standalone Opel viable
  49. Toronto Show
  50. Another Tesla Model S teaser image.
  51. Delphi salaried retirees fight benefit cuts
  52. Fuel economy, high-performance cars can work together
  53. US-German working group to save GM's Opel
  54. German politicians spar over aid to carmaker Opel
  55. GM's Opel to present plan for survival within days
  56. Why GM matters
  57. UK: Unions say 100,000 jobs on the brink
  58. Plan aims for slimmer, more viable GM Canada
  59. GM Canada - Maintenance Incl.
  60. Looking for the New Lutz
  61. Long-time GM Consultant: Chevy Volt Won’t Save Company
  62. Weekly Layoff Report: GM Leads The Way
  63. Poll: Only 52% of people in Michigan support more bailout money for GM Chrysler
  64. GM Penny Stock? Shares hit 70-year low @ $1.57
  65. 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP - Second Short Take -
  66. GM Bankruptcy Prospects Still Loom
  67. Transportation Secretary favors Taxing How Much We Drive; More for Heavier Vehicles
  68. Senate Considering GM Debt Swap Support
  69. Chrysler: Despite Fiat deal, a tie-up with GM 'best option' for US auto industy
  70. U.S. auto dealer closings hits record in 2008
  71. Camaro SS, Corvette ZR1 & Z06 not threatened by GM closing high performance unit
  72. The 'New' GM: Too Much Like the Old GM
  73. Ford to Stay the Course: No Loans
  74. New GM/UAW concessions
  75. Breaking News: "V" Series and "SS" Series Engineering Division Disbanded
  76. Does the US Make Anything Anymore? (Yes, we do)
  77. Three E-Flex Vehicles Confirmed in GM Report
  78. 9 Bailout Surprises From GM and Chrysler
  79. GM's Mother of All Scare Tactics
  80. Gas Prices Creep Higher as Refineries Cut Back
  81. GM's 'Break Even' Plan Assumes $8K Profit Per Vehicle; Analysts Disappointed
  82. UAW reaches new agreements with Detroit 3
  83. Assembly Plant Closings
  84. GM Moving More Production out of USA
  85. Entire 117-Page GM Report Posted on Treasury Website
  86. GM plan calls for $30 billion, 47,000 job cuts
  87. Chrysler says it needs another $2 billion in aid
  88. Official: Saturn To Die, Pontiac To Sorta Die
  89. VIDEO: "D-Day for GM" - Viability Update; Bankruptcy the Best Option?
  90. Chrysler cost cutting doesn't make any sense
  91. AP source: GM, UAW close to deal as deadline nears
  92. GM Stock Flirts with $1 Range as Investors ask "What if GM Goes Under?"
  93. GM CEO Wagoner to Discuss Submission of Viability Plan to the United States Treasury
  94. AUTONEWS: GM rescue plan will not save Opel/Vauxhall, warn union bosses
  95. Levin: White House Told GM to ‘Address’ Bankruptcy Option
  96. Japan Plunges Into Depression
  97. China's Sichuan Auto denies interest in GM's Hummer
  98. UAW and Bondholder Concessions Not Reached - But GM to Ask For Billions More
  99. Failure to save East Europe will lead to worldwide meltdown
  100. Chrysler woes hit Daimler, GM readies survival plan
  101. GM, Chrysler race to finish plan as deadline looms
  102. Is Nissan-Renault tie-up success story overblown?
  103. 2009 Pontiac G8 GXP - Second Short Take
  104. GM talks progress, board reviews plan
  105. Hyundai's S-Class Competitor Revealed
  106. White House to Release GM An Additional $4-Billion To Stay Afloat
  107. Latest spy shots of Orlando.
  108. GM aims to show $1 billion in annual labor savings
  109. General Motors Europe Said to Weigh Selling or Closing 4 Plants
  110. CNN: Do you drive an American Car?
  111. Maxximus G-Force: 1600 HP Ultima claims world's quickest car title
  112. 29 Days to Liftoff
  113. Los Angeles Tiems: GM's past and present collide in sibling rivalry
  114. Bankruptcy Not Part of Plan
  115. Sibling Rivalry
  116. Fiat 500C released!
  117. No "Car Czar", Instead, "Presidential Task Force on Autos"
  118. GM plans OnStar policy review
  119. Obama will not name 'car czar' to oversee Detroit
  120. Study shows Biofuels Can Replace 1/3 of Gasoline by 2030
  121. Automakers putting brakes on options to trim costs
  122. Obama adviser: Auto industry must restructure
  123. Top 10 "Deadliest car designs" Chevy #1
  124. GM, UAW in talks racing toward Tue. deadline
  125. Japanese economy in free fall... If you think the US looks bad
  126. AP source: UAW walks away from GM concession talks
  127. A sobering scenario..this crisis has happened before
  128. GM considering Chapter 11 filing, new company: report More leaks?
  129. GM To Government: More $$$ or Bankruptcy
  130. You really know its gittin' bad when -
  131. "Millennial" drivers crave iPods over horsepower
  132. Porsche Test Driver Dies Testing Pre-Production 911
  133. Opel Highlights at Geneva Motor Show
  134. Congress scales back tax break for car buyers
  135. GM offers buyouts to all 62,000 hourly workers
  136. GM to Cut Health Care, Insurance Coverage
  137. GM Daewoo asks S. Korean govt for support
  138. GM White-Collar Payroll Reductions Will Mean Fewer New GM Products
  139. Bondholders squeeze GM
  140. Congress removes GM bailout tax liability
  141. GM talking with China's SAIC to raise cash
  142. Rick Wagoner stays Sunny despite Bad Economy
  143. GM design head says cuts won't compromise quality
  144. GM no longer seeking emergency loan from Ontario
  145. Dan Neil reflects: Bob Lutz and me
  146. Opinion: Let Bankruptcy Courts Take the Wheel
  147. 5 GM vehicles are in new 'Transformers' movie
  148. GM To Cut Health Benefits For Some Medicare-Eligible Retirees
  149. GM,Chrysler Approach Foreign Competitors About Labor Costs
  150. GM Said to Seek Swedish Backing for $600 Million to Fix Saab
  151. 2010 Tundra Takes On Chicago
  152. GM eyes fast gains with future Volt models
  153. Inexcusable in this day and age - Poor Side Crash Protection
  154. Mercury brand slips into shadows
  155. Solstice and Sky on Chopping Block?
  156. He who has the gold...China Needs U.S. Guarantees for Treasury Bond Holdings, Yu Says
  157. Sirius-XM to File Bankruptcy
  158. Lutz worried about further sales decline
  159. GM CEO: Company in a 'crisis'
  160. GM's Bob Lutz put off retirement and put life back into a sagging lineup
  161. GM sees output improving, recovery still away
  162. GM cutting 10,000 jobs
  163. GM's Lutz to leave amid new crush of regulations
  164. GM to lay off 150 Flint engine plant
  165. GM Considering More Plant Closings
  166. Bailout breakdown: Banks vs. the automakers
  167. Lutz bumped to Senior Advisor. Retire at end of 2009.
  168. Report: GM may take back chunk of Delphi
  169. GM, Chrysler May Be Put Into Bankruptcy to Protect U.S. Loans
  170. CAW trying to organize Casino labor?
  171. General Motors Said to Plan Negotiations With Bondholders, UAW
  172. GM Announces Sales and Marketing Reorganization in Europe
  173. Plant closures, more job cuts at GM feared
  174. Delphi Value May Be Too Low to Pay Bankruptcy Lenders
  175. Cadwalader, Rothschild Advising U.S. on Automaker Restructuring
  176. GM Said to Ready Salaried-Job Cuts as It Presses UAW
  177. Chrysler overtakes Ford in Canada 2008
  178. GM Cost Cuts Could Mean Thousands Fired
  179. Ailing Delphi Seeks To Trim Health Costs
  180. Chinese Local Gov't Spends Millions On Luxury Cars After 2008 Earthquake
  181. AUTOBLOG Clarkson: Top Gear USA 'canned,' viewers 'just don't get it.'
  182. Delphi retirees may lose benefits
  183. Best Selling Cars in January- Malibu in, Impala Out
  184. End of the line for four generations at GM?
  185. U.S. Hires Bankruptcy Lawyers to Advise on Automakers
  186. Saleen's new owner interested in Viper.
  187. Canadian Auto Sales January '09
  188. GM to restructure European sales, marketing
  189. Ford Said to Be in Talks to Sell Volvo Unit to China’s Geely
  190. Middle Eastern Chevrolet Tahoe Sales up 24% in 2008
  191. Another Big Houston Dealer Closes
  192. Magna Plant Future No Longer In Doubt
  193. Magna workers reject contract, plant's future in question
  194. GM Partners With San Francisco to Push "Plug-in Ready" Communities for Volt
  195. GM's top PR executive leaves to join United Airlines
  196. Could GM exit Canada completely?
  197. Proposed Use of Bailout Funds
  198. Senate approves tax break for auto loan interest
  199. GM, Chrysler offering buyouts to nearly 91,600 workers
  200. CAW anxious to talk with GM amid fears company may leave Canada
  201. Short Stories: General Motors
  202. GMAC has $7.46 billion profit; main units lose money
  203. GM, Chrysler Gain Momentum on Labor Cuts to Retain U.S. Loans
  204. GM to sell medium-duty truck line to Isuzu?
  205. New buyout offer not so good for GM people
  206. Industry Need for More U.S. Aid
  207. As deadline approaches, "GM executives have no idea what to do with losing brands"
  208. CAW Ready and willing to make concessions for GM
  209. ANOTHER roadblock on the way to PHEV and EV vehicles
  210. Edmunds: The Mechanic on " The Under Rated List "
  211. GM to end participation in UAW jobs bank on Monday
  212. Senate Finance Committee Markup Proposes Doubling PHEVs Eligible for Tax Credits to 5
  213. Automakers take a U-turn and welcome tighter emission standards
  214. Distinguished Service Citation for GM Global Design VP
  215. Green Car Rules Give Auto Industry a New Challenge
  216. Car parts sector looks for $10bn US bail-out
  217. GM to lay off 2,000 workers, cut production
  218. GM Canada Say' No Thanks to Federal Goverment
  219. GM shopping Onstar to other Automakers again.
  220. Obama to let states set car emission standards
  221. Supplier pessimism grows as vehicle production falls
  222. GM to announce more production cuts on Monday
  223. GM: Saturn could survive - Hummer Sale This Quarter?
  224. Sirius XM confirms rate hike coming
  225. GM fights dealers over rival brands
  226. GM Turns Down Canadian Bailout
  227. AP source: GM to cut 2nd shift at Lordstown plant
  228. GM buys additional stake in GMAC
  229. GM, dealers to discuss closing shops
  230. GM hits a snag in cutting debts
  231. Letter from Troy Clark requesting support and reply from supplier!
  232. GM Receives Another $5.4 Billion Installment of Federal Aid
  233. GM settles long-running SEC accounting probe
  234. GM Announces 2008 Global Sales of 8.35 Million Vehicles
  235. Chrysler / Fiat Deal Is Horrible for GM and Ford
  236. Ten Hard Questions Facing the 'Car Czar'
  237. The Quagmire in Detroit
  238. Hyundai "Assurance Program" A Big Success; Should GM Follow?
  239. Gettelfinger: No wage concessions for bailout
  240. Small Car = Small Satisfaction - in the U.S.A. ?
  241. Chrysler, Fiat will team on plan to keep federal aid
  242. GM's Henderson: Future rests on Chevy, Cadillac, Buick and GMC
  243. GM President: Cash Could Run Out by March 31
  244. " General Motors Takes Overall Manufacturer Honors for Ninth Consecutive Year"
  245. More good news!
  246. Checker motors files Chapter 11.
  247. Daimler seeks to sell Chrysler stake
  248. Rumored: Alpha Platform Delayed
  249. Global Shutdowns Continue
  250. Fiat, Chrysler in partnership talks; Sources say 35% stake possible