Ugly Duck: XIX Design’s Streetfighter Camaro

The sixth-generation Camaro is an impressive package out of the box, but in the hands of the right tuning house, GM’s latest pony car has the potential to be a world-beater. The team at XIX Designs knows this, and with the SEMA show around the corner, the teaser photos for their widebody Camaro are positively intimidating.

SEMA is not a place to be timid, and XIX has taken no prisoners with this new design. A set of menacing over-fenders adds some presence from the head-on angle, but a look from the side reveals just how much contour XIX has added to the Camaro.

Tucked beneath those wild fenders is a set of track-ready tires that are impossibly wide, mounted on a tasteful set of what appear to be gloss black wheels. The mandatory rear wing is also gloss black, complete with side winglets. It appears it might even be adjustable.

In the photos, the bolts for the aggressive bodywork are exposed, giving the car a “Road Warrior” look, which is complemented by the exposed metal they’ve added at the edge of the fenders.

It might seem over the top, but this kit will be available for consumers in late November.  Not a fan? You can always go with a kit that’s not so over-the-top. It’s all a matter of taste. We at least do dig that matte finish.

Even if you can’t get a ticket to SEMA, you can have a Camaro that looks like the hottest thing in Las Vegas. For once, what happens in Vegas can come home with you.