“World’s Largest” Corvette Dealer Will Let You Reserve a C8

Even though Chevy still denies that the C8 is a thing; even though we know almost nothing about it; even though power, lap times, and appearance are all still a mystery, someone is already taking money for the C8 Corvette.

Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, which claims to be the world’s biggest Corvette dealer, will take a $1,000 deposit to allow you to be among the first to order the next-gen Vette.

No part of this sounds like something your accountant will approve of, but if you really want to be the first person on your block with a mid-engine Corvette, you can reserve a spot now.

The deal is that you put your grand down for a spot on the list. When order books actually open up, Kerbeck calls you—and the other marks pre-orderers—first. That gives you the chance to build the C8 of your dreams and get your order in before everyone else.

If, however, you see the C8 and decide that it doesn’t really float your boat, Kerbeck will give you your $1,000 back.

Those who go ahead with the order will have to drop another chunk of change (whatever more you have to pay to get up to 5% of the vehicle’s value) as the downpayment. And then financing works however it normally would.

Perhaps wisely, Kerback has decided to make these reservations non-transferrable, to keep scalpers selling these on to people who really want one once the actual car is revealed. Which is good.

Again, the fact that we are reporting on this does not imply that we encourage you to do this, but Kerbeck will make special accommodations for people want to trade in their vehicle now if they really like walking, I guess?