Win Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s Corvette for Just $25

The Dale Earnhardt Jr. is giving away his 2019 Corvette on behalf of his charitable organization, the Dale Jr. Foundation.

The Foundation works with children with a traumatic past to give them housing, education, food, exercise, and hope. Working with organizations like the Make-A-Wish foundation to help kids without many of the advantages we take for granted.

“I started The Dale Jr. Foundation as a way to help the underdogs, those who haven’t caught the breaks that I was lucky enough to catch,” writes Earnhardt on the foundation website.

To encourage people to contribute, the Dale Jr. Foundation has created this raffle, whose grand prize is Earnhardt’s own Corvette.

The Corvette is an Admiral Blue 2019 model with the 7-speed manual transmission, the Carbon Fiber ground effects package, and a Billy Boat C7 Fusion Exhaust to make it all sound just right.

The raffle is open until August 31, with ticket buyers who buy before April 15 eligible to win $2,000, May 15 eligible to win $1,000, and before June 30 eligible to win $500.