What Percentage of Chevrolet Car Sales are Derived from Camaro and Corvette?

Our friends over at The Truth About Cars took a little look at which of the mainstream automotive companies enjoy the greatest percentage of passenger car sales derived from sports cars.

The Detroit three were naturally included, but the results might surprise you.

Coming in P3, Chevrolet has earned 14% of all passenger car sales from Camaro and Corvette. YTD, Camaro has provided 47,958 sales while the Corvette chips in a further 19,890, for a cumulative 67,848 units out of Chevrolet’s 486,342 passenger cars sold YTD in 2016.

In second place came Ford, with 17% of all passenger car sales derived from the Mustang; while Dodge took the top spot with 31% of its sales coming from the Challenger and Viper. However, the FCA brand wades into the equation with just a quarter of the total passenger car sales as its crosstown rivals.