What Happens When the Camaro SS Meets BMW’s M4?

“Forget Mustang and Challenger. The Camaro now competes with BMW and Audi.”

Motor Trend did just that, putting their 2016 Car of the Year head to head with the venerable BMW M4, and objectively it’s a virtual tie.

Nearly identical in the 0-60 scamper, nearly identical quarter mile times and then they were identical on the skidpad (despite a .01 difference in lateral acceleration). They even lapped Willow Springs within a tenth of each other.

It’s the subjective stuff like feel, noise and fun factor that really distance the American. Jason Cammisa summed things up succinctly: “The Camaro’s biggest weakness is its own badge, discounting the 1LE and Z/28, the Camaro was so bad for so long that it’s hard to take this car seriously against the M4. Until you start driving it.”

High praise indeed…