Watch: World’s Widest Dually Churn Through Fields of Mud

Oh, sure, your dually’s got big wide tires. I’m sure they’re the largest you could find. Well, guess what? They’re not impressive. This is impressive.

This might be the widest dually ever. With two-foot spacers required to let the monster truck tires fit. And hopefully not shatter. That’s 72-inches of tire. On each side.

That’s right. It’s a 24-foot-wide Chevrolet Silverado. That’s wider than most vehicles are long.

So what do you do with that big of a truck? Well, first you hope you have enough torque to turn those absurdly wide tires.

Then this mudder churns like budder. Turning a field into deep, deep ruts.

Turns out that maybe adding more tire doesn’t always help traction.

Watch the most ridiculous truck you’ll see all day try and navigate pond and field. With bonus doggo goodness.