Watch: Take a Look Inside the C8 with These Cutaways

Although you might not call the C8 Corvette a feat of engineering, it is still a fascinating look into just how super a mass-produced car can be made.

That’s why taking a look inside is such a treat. Chevrolet has kindly made this cutaway car to show off the chassis and all of the neat little tricks that will make the C8 as quick as they promise it is.

The video is pretty lengthy but that allows it to be thorough. Pointing the camera at nook, cranny, and alcove, you really get a sense of what’s going on under the skin. And under the engine bay because along with the cutaway of the car, Chevy has produced a cutaway of the LT2 engine that powers this $60,000 to 60 mph faster than cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars more.

Check it all out below: