Watch: Why Square Wheels are a Bad Idea, Even in the Mud

Anyone who has ever been stuck in the mud, watching their tires spin futilely may have, at one point, wondered if adding more bite points could have helped. What if, say, you made your wheels square instead of round? Would it help? No.

A resounding, emphatic, uncomplicated no. But also quite a fun no. YouTube’s WhistlinDiesel sought to find out if it could repeat an experiment famously done by Mythbusters and get different results if it conducted the experiment on dirt.

Although the title says they proved Mythbusters wrong, it’s hard to see why. Although the truck does kind of find a smooth frequency at 20 mph, almost every other speed threatens to shake the fillings out of the hosts’ teeth.

And as for mud, the Sierra does little more than slide its front wheels when they’re square. The hosts then replace them with round wheels before heading into a mud pit and promptly becoming stuck.

Ultimately, it’s a pothole that takes the wheels down. Already digging into the fenders, the wheels take a chunk out of the trunk before breaking when the truck hits a big hole. To be fair to the wheels, though, it was such a big hole that it tore the tire off the round front wheel and pushed it all into the front fender. So a traditional wheel didn’t compliantly save the truck from being damaged.

Although the damage to the vehicle before that point was, perhaps, less extreme than it had been on Mythbusters’ Ford, it’s hard to see anyone concluding that the wheels worked well.