Watch: This Russian H2 on 13s is Exactly What You Need Today

Ever sit around and think that a Hummer H2 would look a whole lot better if it was on 13-inch wheels instead of the great big ones that came on it standard? Neither had we, but that didn’t stop the Russian mechanics from Garage54 from giving it a go.

The dubbing is hilariously off-tone, but the video is a fun watch. And while it’s probably clear, we really want to emphasize that you shouldn’t try this at home.

Forget the giant rims that people normally put on their Hummers, this one goes old-school low-rider style and gets a delightfully low rider look. All that’s missing are the spokes.

The shop traced the bolt pattern from the original hummer wheel, then expertly recreated it on a set of 13-inch random steelies that came from a Lada. And by expertly recreated, we mean carved into the wheels with a cardboard template and a cutting torch and fitted tires that needed tubes to stay inflated. Oh, and the wheels are fitted inside out.

What is the end result? Brakes that are more responsive thanks to all that weight loss, but ground clearance is reduced to just about zero. The wheels held together, somehow, but like the narrator says, one good pothole and you’re probably laying frame. Or destroying the now-exposed brakes and suspension.

If you’re stuck inside, sure this is fun, especially with the gold paint. It looks absolutely hilarious, and that’s exactly what we need right now.