Watch: Roll Into the Weekend with this Video of a 1967 Camaro

Well, the weekend’s finally here. You made it. Given how toxic the news cycle has been in general (let’s not forget this week’s B plot) and how harrowing it’s been specifically this week (if you’re suffering, may we suggest the following post, which we hope will help), I’d say it’s time get our minds off everything for a minute and appreciate a good video about a good car that gets to stretch its legs a bit.

This ’67 Camaro belongs to Jim Gelfat, who says he wasn’t looking for the car when he found it, deep in mothballs at an estate sale. Some cars just can’t be denied, though, and the work began. But Gelfat is clear that he didn’t want to return it to perfect condition. He wanted something drivable and fun, that he didn’t have to wipe with a diaper nor keep in a temperature controlled garage. He wanted a driver.